Parenting: How To Child-proof Your Homes

19 Basic Tips to Child-Proof Your Homes

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Toddlers are the age of discoveries and  curious minds;  nothing can stop them in getting what they desire to touch, feel and tinker with. As Safe Kids Worldwide said “Kids are going to fall, crash, slip and tumble. It’s all part of being a kid, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. But there are little things we can all do to ensure that kids avoid the more serious injuries that can lead to disabilities and even death.”

We’ve compiled basic tips to child-proof your homes; such as risk areas, space to protect, and places/spots where possible injuries can take place. Let’s keep our children happy, active and safe especially in our own backyard.

1. Protect your children from sharp corners and jagged edges, install corner protectors on your tables and cabinets.

2. Always think of safety and awareness for dangerous objects, substances or situations.

3. Prevent your kids from poisoning. Keep medicine cabinets and storage out of children’s reach, same goes with the home cleaners, detergents, bleaching liquids, pesticides, silver cleaner, pet food, alcohol, poisonous plants, and chemicals (like paint, gasoline, etc.) A lot of kids died drinking silver cleaners they thought as mineral water.


Parenting : 12 DIY Home Repair Ideas for Moms

12 Most Frequent House Fixing Every Mom Should Know

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Home Repair Ideas

Daddy’s toolbox and working table is one of my favorite home spot to create knick knacks (arts, craftingg, party giveaways) and most often to fix just about anything and bring it to life.

When the male factor is not in the house and sudden things fall out of control. We, yes WE  moms in the house can unleash the MacGyver in us, how do we do that? Just familiarize your sense and handworks from the basics. I’m pretty sure you have hammer, nails, pliers, drills, long nose, metal sheet cutter, screw drivers, etc. in your cupboards. The stuff were invented to help humans use logic and proper applications.

Here are some of my Do-It-Youself (DIY) home tips for Moms who handles house management

10 Tips for Christmas Home Interiors

The Basic Principles for Christmas Home Interiors and Decorations
Guided by Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID)

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Do you know that there’s a design principle to follow when putting up a Christmas tree? But neither basic procedure or standard rules to avoid when decorating your Christmas home interiors! “Design more is more” that’s the spirit when decorating and coming up with an extraordinary Christmas theme. For average consumers, prepping up their  Christmas home interiors takes creativity, simple resources and recycle christmas decors. While for big companies and exclusive villages, these guys hire someone to do the works. And they totally rely from their most trusted interior designers. Homemakers need to be reminded of the key things to remember how to properly style their homes.



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