Parenting: School Clubs and Elective Subject for Children

School Clubs and Elective Subject for Young Children
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Now that school season has begun (in the Philippines), aside from academic subjects students has to deal with extra curricular activities to expose themselves and unleashed their innermost interest and talent. Being a parent of a 6 years old, I support my grade schooler by guiding her to every decision she made. It’s not high school where they can enter any club or choose electives out of predicament or by influence from a group of friends.

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Parenting: School Clubs and Elective Subject for Children

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For young children joining school clubs or electives is a way to learn the basic skills by niche and socialize with peers.
How to choose elective subject for your child

The Philippine K-12 Curriculum – In Full Text

The Philippine K-12 Curriculum
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Last school year 2012, Philippine education officially implemented the K-12 curriculum. A far-cry from most parents (the average and poor sectors) who were unprepared in facing education advancement. Everyone knows the country (in public schools preferably) is drastically left behind in terms of curriculum adjustments. I believed this is the right phase to fully operate it, how else can parents and students understands the motives and adapts to change and improvement when the government and its people slows down progression?