Proactiv Solution: The Real Cause of Acne, Preventions and Suggested Cures

Proactiv Solution Combination Therapy
The Real Cause of Acne, Preventions and Suggested Cures

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Common acne begins during adolescence period and continues until adulthood especially to skin types vulnerable to severe cases of acne problems. In a tropical country like ours – Philippines, proper product labeling is a must for those seeking over-the -counter treatment. Consumers (easily) tend to believe marketing geniuses’ “it could treat acne in just one sitting” which to some is close to failure. Why? In recent consumer research, “there is a growing concern regarding a number of recent therapies. photo proactiv-solution-deiville-com.jpg

Proactiv Solution Deep Cleansing Wash

How acne forms and what triggers acne

Acne is define as:
The term acne comes from a mutation of the Greek ἀκμή (akmē), literally “point, edge”, but in the sense of a “skin eruption” in the writings of Aëtius Amidenus. Used by itself, the term “acne” refers to the presence of pustules and papules. The most common form of acne is known as acne vulgaris, meaning “common acne”. Many teenagers get this type of acne. Use of the term “acne vulgaris” implies the presence of comedones. (Source: Wikipedia)

Over accumulation of naturally occurring oil, cells inside the skin follicle and bacteria that lives on the skin begins to grow and multiply in this site, triggering an inflammatory response that causes the development of acne. Acne appears on the face, shoulders, back, chest and trunk. Personally I even experienced mild case of pimple over my scalp when I used heavily moisturized hair shampoo.


Manila: ROYAL OASIS SPA in Quezon City

Royal Oasis Spa
Commonwealth, Quezon City

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Last year, I’ve heard about Royal Oasis Spa from Purple Plum Fairy blogger, the first blogger’s event hosted by Royal Oasis. If I may recall that was December of year 2011, her stories and return visits were inviting and at the same time sounds hilarious, knowing Vance Madrid’s gullible attitude makes me want to have a closer look to a serene and relaxing venue.

Manila Ocean Park: Zenyu Eco Spa at Hotel H20

Zenyu Eco Spa Revisited
Hotel H20
Manila Ocean Park

Our first encounter with Zenyu Eco Spa was blast, we were thinking to have the second spa adventure on Christmas rush season. The package includes full body fish spa, shiatsu massage and negative ion hot bed.
Zenyu Ecospa PROMO
2hr package for only PhP1600 then get 30% discount on antiaging facial


Beauty Madness: Flick Through The Label

Pore Talks: The era to make that switch from chemical products to natural beauty regimen. Synthetic chemicals found in the following elements
and what it does in the body.

Venus’ charm and beauty frankly subside and so her tell-tale vanity products. Currently, consumers – mostly women, tend to change course to adopt a pared-down indulgence. Straight-forward pampering returns its place to nomadic home-made remedies and natural products. Flick Through The Label is a simple guide what to avoid.

For the eco-lavish primadonna, celebrated brand names is commonly seen through her well-lit mirrors. The addiction to foreign sound products seems not a constraint on the community’s economy.  (more…)