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How to create your photo book with Online Photo Book Services

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StoryBook.PH Review
When your hard disks are blown by thousands of digital photos that you hardly find time and resources on how to keep them tangible, eventually the recollection of the important events attached to your photo database tend to be largely forgotten (in worst case scenario, smart phone get lost or your system crashed!) Although these snapshots are encrypted in your mind, admit it or not, printed photographs inertly served its purpose – – a lasting impression to reminisce your life’s journey. I suggest to start creating your photo book in batches, it simple and economical. Having a photo book done in, you get the desired style and you can saved pictures online as well where you can access them anytime, anywhere. online photo book services

Main dashboard of your “Saved Creations”

How to create your photo book

Create an account. This will serve as your log-in to access your photo book project.

Organize your photos. Before starting a project, plan ahead of time your photo book’s theme and concept. You can opt for a travel photo book, your child’s milestone album, your family’s adventure, birthdays, weddings, etc. Stick to your topic to get the best output. (more…)

Bloggermail unboxing goodies from Tupperware Philippines, Converge and Royce Hotel and Casino

BloggerMail DeiVille Unboxing goodies from local brands and PR friends.

This week’s Bloggermail DeiVille came im from our PR friends from hotel industry, telecommunication and  a truster consumer line.

Tupperware Philippines Tupper Clean
Every brand in time has to innovate to keep up with the consumer needs. We’re excited to received their laundry detergents and fabric softener.

tupperware philippines tupper


Cheers to a New You with Proactiv System 3-Step Solution

Proactiv System 3-Step Solution Cheers to a New Year, New You

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Majority of the people are convinced that when new year comes, is the best time to start a new leaf, a clean slate, a suitable time to freshen up or apply some changes to our old habits. We strive towards a positive encouragement and re-align our priorities to show off a better version of ourselves.

proactiv systems 3-step solution
For others, a new year can be more challenging as well when it comes to improving their overall health and well-being, especially that the onset of a new year is usually beset with “unhealthy” practices, particularly eating.


Proactiv Solution: Look Good, Feel Good this Holiday Season

Proactiv Solution Wear Your Most Beautiful You During the Holidays

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Yuletide celebration such as parties, reunions are just around the corner and you can’t wait to spend it the way you want it, with fun, laughter, lots of happenings with friends and family. These events usually happen from early evening till the wee hours of the morning.

 Proactiv Solution Wear Your Most Beautiful You During the Holidays

The happiness these adult goings-on may seem to be unending. But think about the unhealthy food found in many parties, and of course the idea of going out and staying up late just to have fun may expose our skin to many pollutants that may harm it. And protecting ourselves with all sorts of skin products for added security may even do more harm than good. Certainly, you won’t like that. Not during the holidays. (more…)

Outwit Your Holiday Skin-Stress with Proactiv Solution

Proactiv Solution Completes your beauty regimen

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Women’s skincare and beauty essentials may be viewed as a complex regimen by many, it may involve step-by-step rudiments to assure that their beauty comes out as confidently appealing.

Here in the Philippines we celebrate the holiday season with a shedload of soirées, social functions, and get-togethers. Mostly associated with planning, preparations, hectic schedules and so on. Admit it or not both men and women can experience a stress-related mood taking a toll on their health, considerably seen through one’s facial state. To pull off a positive beauty approach, it all boils down to having a healthy attitude and lifestyle. Certainly, the Proactiv Solution completes any beauty regimen, particularly when dealing with the dreaded acne, a common skin problem of anyone.

Proactiv Solution Philippines beauty regimenMake your skin beautifully radiant with these healthy and practical tips from Proactiv for that worry- free look.


Stylish Braiding Hair Products by Black Hairspray

Women Talk: Online Shop for Braiding Hair Products by Black Hairspray

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Black Hairspray is an ideal online shop caters to women’s hair care and styling needs. One particular product line I spotted was the braiding hair accessories, together with my daughter we were delighted to find out these cool hair stuff. We’ve been doing hair braids since she was little, now that she’s growing into a young lady we still styled her hair with different braiding technique. The hair products and supplies are perfect for her given that her locks are frizzy and wavy type, and by way of styling with braids the hair get-up gives a vibrant, sophisticated look. These braid accessories are functional and must haves to any hairstylist because of its beneficial outcome to hair styling.

Braiding Hair Products by Black Hairspray


Braiding Hair Products by Black Hairspray

For parents like me, I find it practical to order the stuff online. There are accessories (more…)