Live Smart Asia: Youth Empowerment Success System

21st Century – Youth Empowerment Success System by Live Smart Asia

I recently attended an introductory to a workshop of Benjamin Ong, a Singaporean life coach and trainer who created Live Smart Asia — an organization that caters to youth’s career empowerment.

Live Smart Asia: Youth Empowerment Success System


Parenting: Scholastic Summer Book Sale 2016

What to expect at Scholastic Summer Book 2016

Another happy book cruising for my young reader to ransack, dive into piles of books from Scholastic warehouse sale! She’s been anticipating this kind of trip to add something to her little library back home. Since her last visit from Scholastic’s December annual book sale, she continues to make book list on our phone’s notes plus she made a secret list saying no one should peek on it to make her wishlist come true.

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Scholastic Summer Book Warehouse Sale & Summer Reading Fun 2016

Scholastic Summer Book Warehouse Sale from April 15 to May 31 2016

Summer Reading Fun Workshop 2016

Your reading habits never stop not even during your summer vacation. When my family have countryside travels, I make sure I brought extra books for my kid and for the adults as well when boredom strikes, mostly when we have to endure the waiting period of all sorts. The best time to alternate online games and surfing.
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Have you been to Scholastic warehouse sale?

Parenting: Summer Activities 2016

Selected summer activities 2016

The list I will share excludes common organizers of summer activities such as the Milo sports clinic, PETA, McDo Kiddie crew and others. You may visit the orgs dedicated site or facebook page. Meanwhile I have below a selection of activities and schedules limited in Quezon City area.

UP CHK Community Recreation Program
Summer class starts on April 12
Summer classes:

Parenting: Healthy Snacks for Kids

Parenting: Keeping your Kids Healthy

Let kids enjoy healthy snacks with fun taste by introducing them vegetables and fruit flavors. Meal substitution is the key to keep them interested in consuming healthy foods. Processed food and junk foods with food coloring, additives, loaded with sugar are cancer-causing food, that also lead to obesity, diabetis and all other diseases.


Parenting: How To Child-proof Your Homes

19 Basic Tips to Child-Proof Your Homes

Home Improvement
Safety Information

Toddlers are the age of discoveries and  curious minds;  nothing can stop them in getting what they desire to touch, feel and tinker with. As Safe Kids Worldwide said “Kids are going to fall, crash, slip and tumble. It’s all part of being a kid, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. But there are little things we can all do to ensure that kids avoid the more serious injuries that can lead to disabilities and even death.”

We’ve compiled basic tips to child-proof your homes; such as risk areas, space to protect, and places/spots where possible injuries can take place. Let’s keep our children happy, active and safe especially in our own backyard.

1. Protect your children from sharp corners and jagged edges, install corner protectors on your tables and cabinets.

2. Always think of safety and awareness for dangerous objects, substances or situations.

3. Prevent your kids from poisoning. Keep medicine cabinets and storage out of children’s reach, same goes with the home cleaners, detergents, bleaching liquids, pesticides, silver cleaner, pet food, alcohol, poisonous plants, and chemicals (like paint, gasoline, etc.) A lot of kids died drinking silver cleaners they thought as mineral water.


Parenting: Awesome Tips How To Expose Kids to Music

10 Awesome Tips How To Encourage and Expose Kids to Music

Top 10

Parents pass on their musical frustration to their children (most of the time), making them influential to a child’s growing up years. Whether you do or do not have any natural talent in music, anyone can literally expose kids to music with the help of Mom’s (and Dad’s too) fun way of learning, dedication and discipline

The Awesome Tips
1. During pregnancy, start playing music with genre such as classical, dance, instrumental jazz, blues with earphones not earbuds, not ipods but earphones like over the head one. While resting you may play music on top of your tummy, the way you speak to an unborn child. From inside the womb the baby can hear the music and who knows she/he dances with it!

2. Read creative books (yes start it while pregnant) it enhances your memory and increases your intelligence which the infant adopts.
3. Once the infant sees and feels the real world, play soothing classical music from the background, keep it at a low volume.

Parenting : 12 DIY Home Repair Ideas for Moms

12 Most Frequent House Fixing Every Mom Should Know

Home Improvement
Home Repair Ideas

Daddy’s toolbox and working table is one of my favorite home spot to create knick knacks (arts, craftingg, party giveaways) and most often to fix just about anything and bring it to life.

When the male factor is not in the house and sudden things fall out of control. We, yes WE  moms in the house can unleash the MacGyver in us, how do we do that? Just familiarize your sense and handworks from the basics. I’m pretty sure you have hammer, nails, pliers, drills, long nose, metal sheet cutter, screw drivers, etc. in your cupboards. The stuff were invented to help humans use logic and proper applications.

Here are some of my Do-It-Youself (DIY) home tips for Moms who handles house management

Parenting: School Clubs and Elective Subject for Children

School Clubs and Elective Subject for Young Children
Grade School Clubs

Philippine Education
Philippine K-12 Curriculum
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Now that school season has begun (in the Philippines), aside from academic subjects students has to deal with extra curricular activities to expose themselves and unleashed their innermost interest and talent. Being a parent of a 6 years old, I support my grade schooler by guiding her to every decision she made. It’s not high school where they can enter any club or choose electives out of predicament or by influence from a group of friends.

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Parenting: School Clubs and Elective Subject for Children

Image Source: DevianART

For young children joining school clubs or electives is a way to learn the basic skills by niche and socialize with peers.
How to choose elective subject for your child