What to see thru Pasig River Ferry

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Travel Guide: Route map and schedule, itinerary, and places to see when planning a commuting tour in Pasig River Ferry

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January 2020, Manila – MMDA is offering FREE rides until January 31, 2020,  Monday to Saturday, see the route map and ferry service schedule below.

Commuting via Pasig river ferry ride isn’t something new to Filipinos living within the boundaries Marikina, Pasig all the way to Lawton area. Since MMDA revitalized the riverbank’s ferry service, the management is offering a  free ferry ride for the public commuters to experience the concept.

The river stinks! Is the most blatant feedback we often get. Apparently this is the perfect time to discover the river as you start your stretched from Guadalupe stream. For first-timer travelers, unearth the scenic views (yes! they have) they deemed as historical/heritage spots, ancestral houses, Lambingan bridge notoriously known in the ’80s as the libingan bridge, the newly restored Jones Bridge, the Malacañan Palace, the majestic pillars of Central Post Office, the Quezon Bridge, Plaza Lawton and finally disembark at Escolta station and walk on foot through the sides of Intramuros, Quiapo, Sta. Cruz and Binondo.

Pasig River Ferry Stations (PRFS)
As of January 2020, the ferry service stops at eleven (11) stations in the cities of Pasig, Makati, Mandaluyong and Manila.
The PRFS is open from Monday to Saturday. Downstream first trip – 7:00 AM from Pinagbuhatan station to Escolta station. Upstream first trip – 7:45 AM from Escolta station to Pinagbuhatan station.

Currently there are seven (7) ferry boats deployed, two (2) boats named M/B Mutya ng Pasig 1 and M/B Mutya ng Pasig 2, can accommodate 57 passengers each. While the other two (2) boats can accommodate 16 passengers each. The rest of the three (3) boats can accommodate 36 passengers each.

Downstream last trip – 3:30 PM from Pinagbuhatan station to Escolta station. Upstream last trip – 5:35 AM from Escolta station to Pinagbuhatan station.

what to see thru pasig river ferry

How to get there?

  1. Pinagbuhatan (Eusebio Avenue, Pasig City) – Katabi ng Coast Guard Station sa C6 Bridge
  2. San Joaquin (San Bernardo Street, Pasig City) – Malapit sa Sumilan at Bambang Bridge
  3. Maybunga (Dr. Sixto Avenue, Pasig City) – katabi ng Maybunga Barangay Hall
  4. Guadalupe (J.P. Rizal Extension, Makati City) – malapit sa MRT Guadalupe Station at Commercial Mall
  5. Hulo (Coronada Street, Mandaluyong City) – malapit sa Parish of Our Lady of the Abandoned
  6. Valenzuela (A. Bonifacio Street, Makati City) – malapit sa Bonaventure Garden Homes, Riverside Studios Manila at LTO Makati District Office
  7. Lambingan (Bautista Street, Brgy. 897, Zone 99, Punta, Sta. Ana, Manila City)
  8. Sta. Ana (Pedro Gil Street, Sta. Ana, Manila City) – malapit sa Sta. Ana Public Market at Savemore
  9. PUP (Mabini Campus, PUP, Sta, Mesa, Manila City) – Polytechnic University of the Philippines or PUP at katabi ng Philippine Coast Guard Station
  10. Lawton (Manila City) – malapit sa Quezon Bridge, Plaza Lawton at Post Office
  11. Escolta (Muelle dela Industria, Escolta, Manila City) – malapit sa Jones Bridge


Distance and travel time between stations

The distance from Plaza Mexico to Pinagbuhatan station is estimate at 21 kilometers with travel time of 1 hour and 25 minutes.

what to see thru pasig river ferry
Distance and Travel Time between stations


Fare Matrix
The PRSF is offering FREE to the public from December 9, 2019 to January 31, 2020. MMDA has yet to determine the fare matrix for the regular run although they previously posted a matrix fare on the their website without further updates.

what to see thru pasig river ferry

Pasig River Ferry Schedule (as of January 2020)

what to see thru pasig river ferry
Upstream Schedule: Escolta to Pinagbuhatan


what to see thru pasig river ferry
Downstream Schedule: Pinagbuhatan to Escolta


Things to remember when riding the PRFS

  • Have your bag check before entering the station
  • Buy a ferry ticket and sign the manifest
  • Stay in the waiting area until called to board the ferry boat
  • Get on the ferry boat properly
  • Follow the guidelines and reminders while riding the ferry boat
  • Get off the ferry boat properly
  • Exit the station
  • A disabled passenger can call for help and notify the crew for any assistance
  • Children and minors are discourage to stand, especially on the side of the ferry boat. Watch them carefully and don’t let them play.
  • No smoking on the ferry boat and station.
  • Disposal of any waste to the Pasig River, ferry boat and station is strictly prohibited.
  • The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has a checkpoint before passing through Malacañan. This is for the safety and safety of passengers so your cooperation, understanding and apology is especially needed in the event of a stop at the checkpoint. The ferry boat speed will slow down and taking photos is not allowed in the Malacañan area.
  • For your safety, each passenger has a designated life vest located in your seat. It must be worn during the trip.
what to see thru pasig river ferry
Things to remember when riding the PRFS


The MMDA is inviting local and international artists to showcase their works along Pasig River revetment walls to relive the beauty of the river as part of the Pasig River Art for Urban Change.

For more information, please visit: http://www.mmda.gov.ph/images/Call-for-artists-2020/Call_for_Artists.pdf


MMDA Pasig River Ferry Service www.facebook.com/mmdaprfs/


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