Tara Na, Negosyo Na! Year 8 by UP ISSI

Recap of UP ISSI’ Tara Na, Negosyo Na Workshop

August 3, 2018 – UP ISSI. For budding entrepreneurs and those with existing small or medium scale businesses, the Tara Na, Nogosyo Na whole day seminar is a pathway to level up their entrepreneurial competencies. Moreover, the course digs in through your business interest and passion as a market-maker. Initially there is a self-rating assessment to evaluate yourself based on your Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs). Its objective is to identify if an individual has the “IT” factor to be an entrepreneur. TnNn also lays the possibilities of creating business ideas in connection with possible like-minded people. Participant will have a hands-on planning and managing a business enterprise as the workshop progresses. This includes a session on Project Identification using the Community-Based Enterprise Development (C-BED) methodology. The concluding part of the workshop is an open discussion with the participants, guest speakers and reactors.

tara na negosyo na
participants of Tara Na, Negosyo Na! Year 8


Testimonials of Successful Entrepreneurs

Rupert Lavega of SignRays Advertising, Inc. His business beginnings, failures, undertakings, and success was epitomizes through his deck’s presentation of what an “eagle” can do. He pointed out 7 key reminders of what a business would and should be compared through the behavioral qualities of an eagle.

tara na negosyo na
Rupert Lavega of SignRays Advertising, Inc.

Rupert J. Lavega, Jr, owner of Signrays Advertising, Inc., talked about how innovation on all aspect of his business made his business expanded. He dreamed of having his tarpaulin business to be present all over the Philippines through product, management, marketing and process innovations. He also advised all participants to at least give their employees leverage to learn from the business by giving them exposures from training programs so they can have additional knowledge in running the business.” ~ Roy Apacible, UP ISSI Information and Public Affairs Office (url: http://beta.entrepreneurship.org.ph/2017/08/14/up-issi51-tara-na-negosyo-na-year-7-seminar-spreads-hope-of-success-through-innovation/)

1. Eagles fly at high altitude – no room for negativity
2. Eagles have accurate vision – eagles are fearless, eagles are tenacious; they focus to its vision and plans.
3. Eagles do not eat dead things. They feed only on fresh prey.
4. Eagles love the storm – it refers to challenges, innovation and research.
5. When a female eagle meets a male eagle, she tests him for commitment
6. Eagles prepare for training
7. When the eagle grows old. They hurt themselves for new feather.

Darlyn Calderon of Jedidiah Food Industry. Jedidiah started in Pulilan, Bulacan three (3) years ago. Her business idea is influence by her health condition when she was advised to take turmeric as a health supplement. Finding an authentic turmeric supply, she faced a challenge by creating a solution to her problem. The company did systematic research and produced its own brand. Because marketing expenses is really costly, Jedidiah joined trade fairs and met future business partners. |As an entrepreneur, she told everyone to be open to accept ideas from others and to (must) register your business to be successful. Having recognized by the FDA will lead you to more opportunities. By the way, Ms. Calderon is a previous participant of Tara Na, Negosyo Na seminar and managerial courses led by UP ISSI’s Training and Entrepreneurship Education Division. She shared her workshop then and mentioned the project her group mate work on was named Team Luya.

tara na negosyo na
Darlyn Calderon of Jedidiah Food Industry

Beverly Aquino of Lugaw Queen. Started with P1000 capital back in 2007. She sells lugaw in a bowl (rice porridge) for P10 per serving. An instant hit in her community in San Pablo, Laguna. Her income and lifestyle transformed from an average earner to a self-made millionaire. The lugaw business flourishes with 10 company-owned and franchising branches nationwide. She made a fortune out of this “tubong-lugaw” strategy.

tara na negosyo na
Beverly Aquino of Lugaw Queen

Joining a learning seminar that discusses the on-set and principles of various industries will benefit every Pinoy entrepreneur. The Tara Na, Negosyo Na seminar is an annual offering of the UP ISSI.


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