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For parents living in Quezon City (North area), here’s a progressive-approach preschool we can recommend for you to check around – the Early Literacy Clinic. Our child went here for only two (2) years Kinder I and Kinder II for academic year 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 respectively.

early literacy clinic quezon city

ELC in NCE 1

Clinic services are rendered by preschool educators from University of the Philippines with curriculum conceptualized by Teacher Mimi (more…)

Feedbacks for Kinderheim for Incoming Nursery/Kinder

For School Year 2011-2012

Kinderheim Preschool and Grade School in Quezon City

Schools in Metro Manila
Schools in Quezon City (District II)
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This school year 2011-2012, I did researched and ocular inspection on some progressive schools for my incoming toddler in Quezon City. Factors includes: must have a progressive method , vicinity, environment [mosquito-free], teaching approach, tuition fee rates comparison and the lists goes on from a curious parent.
Feedbacks for Kinderheim for Incoming Nursery/Kinder