BrainFit Studio Philippines: Building Brain Fitness for Kids and Parents

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Building Brain Fitness for Kids and Parents
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Parents provide and influenced their children by exposing them to different kinds of activities associated with motor skills, mental/emotional development, talent development and academic enrichment. Expecting these kids to polish their interest and reach its full potentials. While for some parents with high standards, enrolling a child to an after-school program could perhaps create fear and pressure to establish itself to become an achiever. Most parents may not recognize the long-term effect that could slow down the child’s progress. Instead we “overfeed” them without really trying to genuinely motivate them in order to establish adequate brain fitness or learning skills. “Motivation is closely linked to be competent and successful at a task.” For common misconceptions, parents fairly believed they are doing the right decision for the kids. At this age of information, the ground rule is to explore and have an open mind. That we can help our kids with a support system tailored to their needs. When I first heard of a brain-based center here in Manila, the center must be really something for brain stimulation, sound engaging and fun at the same time.


BrainFit Studio Philippines: Building Brain Fitness for Kids and Adults