San Teodoro: Tamaraw Falls in Oriental Mindoro

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Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
​San Teodoro, like Puerto Galera, has the same number of beaches and resorts rolling around Mindoro island. Though the area doesn’t have white sands compared to White Beach, San Teodoro is famous for its majestic waterfalls and infinity pool alongside the waterfalls. ​
San Teodoro Tamaraw Falls
Tamaraw Falls [San Teodoro] Puerto Galera

San Teodoro Tamaraw Falls in Oriental MindoroSan Teodoro Tamaraw Falls in Oriental Mindoro
The roads to and from Puerto Galera via Calapan City used to be extremely rough, for travelers skipping the water transportation, the road here was completely constructed. Our group initially spent the day having picnics at Amor Resort in Tacligan, San Teodoro. We had ample time and decided to have a road trip to Tamaraw Falls.
The venue at that time was jam packed [it was Black Saturday – holy week out-of-town vacation for most Filipinos]. I was more eager to take photos and then hopefully dip in the cold falls.
San Teodoro Tamaraw Falls in Oriental MindoroSan Teodoro Tamaraw Falls in Oriental Mindoro
San Teodoro Tamaraw Falls in Oriental MindoroSan Teodoro Tamaraw Falls in Oriental Mindoro

Tamaraw Falls used to be free — they didn’t charge for an entrance, maybe because of the pour of the people, they had to set a little adjustment for the maintenance of the place. And the fees are reasonably cheap. Our only rant, since the Tamaraw Falls are frequently visited, hence the swimmers and chillers are all waiting for one comfort room (with three sub-dividers – without doors): shower, toilet, change room with only one main door. Cranky as many sounds, it’s both for males and females. To think that Tamaraw Falls is within the boundaries of San Teodoro, apparently the local government of Puerto Galera claims the area as part of Puerto Galera tourist spots. Well then they should develop more facilities, instead of just promoting and claiming the fees from local tourists, leaving behind the community of San Teodoro.
San Teodoro Tamaraw Falls in Oriental MindoroSan Teodoro Tamaraw Falls in Oriental Mindoro
San Teodoro Tamaraw Falls in Oriental Mindoro
San Teodoro Tamaraw FallsSan Teodoro Tamaraw Falls
When somebody hears mountain waterfalls, it sounds extremely cold but it’s not, the current on the 2nd level all the way down to the infinity pool is quite strong. Although it’s man-made already, the water level varies from 4ft to 6ft, not without warning don’t just dip in – there’s boulders of varying sizes and uneven water levels. Although the management installed hand rails for safety and precautions.
San Teodoro Tamaraw Falls in Oriental Mindoro
The traffic and parking along the roads are quite extreme also during those days.  But who cares, I couldn’t get my eyes off Tamaraw nature’s bounty.
San Teodoro Tamaraw Falls in Oriental Mindoro
Tamaraw Falls
Tourism Office
[t] (043) 287-30-51
San Teodoro Tamaraw Falls
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