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Recycling Ideas:
Recycle Plastic Bottles for Calamity-stricken country like Philippines

Philippines’ geographical location has always been the target of calamities like typhoons and storms. Since we are considered a third-world country, when disaster hits us, the poor-dwellers were the ones who suffered most, in which case the government, private sectors and communities work hand-in-hand to address the problem when it comes to giving assistance — the basic needs of a family such as food, shelter and clothing.

Every year Philippine calamities were getting stronger, fiercer, more dangerous and harmful for all as observed with the previous typhoons we have survived. Floods appears to places that are not used to flooding. It was observed long before, climate change brought all of this disaster up. And no matter how may voices heard of saving the environment, we cannot change the course and principle of some. The root problem lies within the so called “discipline” among us. Environment-friendly project or even day-to-day activity can lead to saving our planet from getting dissolve or perhaps heal itself slowly little by little. Of course the subject of being environment-friendly is broad and wide in perspectives. Case studies shows that the technology-driven countries like USA, Japan, Middle East, the whole Europe was to take accounts from their accumulated waste by-products. Also some countries rampantly does illegal environment activities like the logging, deforestration, mining, fish kill and so on. Whose to blame? And who really protects the environment? Let’s tackle the issue on a fresher page.
On a lighter note, I came across another religious group who are preparing their church members to voluntarily bring empty PET plastic bottles like that from a soda brand (the 1.5 Liter size). This is in conjunction with the calamity assistance being organized by the group to its (and will be) affected calamity members and its families. The use of recycle PET plastic bottles is an alternative to plastic bags. Instead of placing the bag of rice on a plastic, they have decided to collect empty PET bottles as containers for the rice. A brilliant recycling idea I thought. From this, the rice to be distributed to affected areas and families is safe from getting wet, soiled and spilled. Those recycle plastic bottles are way durable compare to low-quality plastic bags. Hence they minimize the use of plastic (as some of the areas in the Philippines have already banned the use of plastic materials). I admire their ingenuity and and care for the environment. I really hope my readers would spread this recycling idea to the other concern group, and generally to those who vowed to an advocacy tof protecting the environment. It takes two to tango, let’s help one another and when we seek of something think of what you can do to be environment-friendly.

Daryll Villena

Daryll Villena

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Nica Mandigma · July 11, 2012 at 9:29 am

This is a great idea! We end up throwing or selling ours but this is very nice. Thanks!

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