Quezon City: Solid Waste Segregation [City Ordinance SP-1701, Series of 2006]

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Quezon City: Solid Waste Segregation [City Ordinance SP-1701, Series of 2006]

Quezon City: Solid Waste Segregation [City Ordinance SP-1701, Series of 2006] 1Quezon City: Solid Waste Segregation [City Ordinance SP-1701, Series of 2006] 2Quezon City: Solid Waste Segregation [City Ordinance SP-1701, Series of 2006] 3
In line with our village implementation of City Ordinance SP-1707, series of 2006, providing for the “No Segregation, No Collection” policy of the Quezon City government, we have been informed of the new schedule of garbage disposal and the classification of wastes to be dispose. Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista’s announcement and warned the Quezon City residents, made up of 142 barangays, on July 1 garbage should be properly segregated or else it will not be collected. The objective of “Hiwa-hiwalay na Basura sa Barangay Program” by the city’s Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department [EPWMD] is to reduce and minimize the wastes generated  at source and to be able to divert at least 50% of solid wastes from being disposed at the Quezon City Landfill through implementing various diversion techniques:
  • Resource recovery
  • Recycling
  • Reuse of wastes
Strict implementation of “No Segregation, No Collection” scheme will begin with a dry run for at least 2 weeks to serve as adjustment period for the community to comply with collection system and for the residents to actually learn how to segregate their wastes.
I remember my sister’s barangay in Pagasa, since early last year they’ve actually started the segregation process. They have 3 different waste bins logically marked Biodegradable, Paper & Plastic. But the government then, doesn’t have the scheduled collection of each classification. So we asked the garbage collectors themselves, do you follow the segregation scheme? To our surprise, once all the garbage has been taken out for collection it was all mixed in that bulky smelly yellow truck. Of course the collector themselves piled them up and goes through the bed of garbage trying to save whatever they can, what else could they sell esp. the plastic and metal ones.
Schedule of garbage collection [in our barangay]:
  • Tuesday & Saturday – Biodegradable [Nabubulok]
  • Thursday – Non-Biodegradable / Residual [Hindi Nabubulok / Wala ng Gamit]
  • Monday/Friday – Recyclables [to be collected by Homeowners Association]
  • Last Saturday of the Month – Bulky Wastes [Malalaking Basura]
Classification of Wastes: 
  • Biodegradable [Nabubulok] –


  1. Kitchen Waste [Nabubulok na maaring ipakain sa alagang hayop] – left-over  / spoiled food, bones
  2. Compostable [Nabubulok na maaring pataba sa lupa] – fruit / vegetable peelings, seeds, hard shells, leaves, grass
  • Non-Biodegradable / Residual Hindi Nabubulok / Wala ng gamit at dapat ng itapon] – sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, candy wrappers, sachets [shampoo, coffee, etc., styrofoam / food packaging, ceramics, tetra packs, solid tissue paper, light bulbs, cigarette butts, rags & worn out clothes, animal manure.
  • Recyclables [maaring irisiklo at magamit muli] – bottle / glass, metal / tin cans, aluminum, paper [clean & dry], cartons [shoe boxes, cereal boxes, boxes of appliances, etc.], hard plastics [shampoo bottles, Zonrox bottles, mineral water bottles, etc.], Doi packs [milk cartons, chuckie, chocolait, etc.]. These recyclables will be collected by the Association maintenance personnel every Monday /Friday.
  • Bulky Waste [Malalaking Basura] – yard waste like tree trunks & branches with twigs, leaves, unserviceable appliances & electronics, old mattresses, broken sala sets & furniture, construction debris, old tires and the like.
All residents are advised to prune or cut trees with the necessary permit, only during the last week of the month so the garbage will not remain in your yard or along the streets for a long time before the scheduled collection.


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imriz · July 18, 2011 at 2:32 pm

>wished to have that ordinance in our area, as well.clean living areas is all we hoped for as dwellers.

Vernz@ Green Home El · July 18, 2011 at 3:05 pm

>we too has this in Davao, but we seel the tins and plastics. we just throw the residuals.. yung biodeg .. we have a big pit at the back our house we bury it there.. 🙂 was here for GM.

Wena · July 19, 2011 at 2:37 pm

>sana magkaron din ng ganitong ordinance sa amin. Vernz, sa provinces talaga di gaanong problema ang waster segregation. ganun din sa amin e yung biodegradable inihuhulog lang sa compost pit. :)visiting via GM!

melandriaonline · July 24, 2011 at 3:33 pm

>thanks for sharing. This is a really nice and informative post you have here. Thank you for joining. See you again on monday.

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