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Early Literacy Clinic a progressive school Quezon City

“Where  love for reading and writing begins

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For parents living in Quezon City (North area), here’s a progressive-approach preschool we can recommend for you to check around – the Early Literacy Clinic. Our child went here for only two (2) years Kinder I and Kinder II for the academic year 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 respectively.

early literacy clinic quezon city
ELC in NCE 1

Clinic services are rendered by preschool educators from University of the Philippines with curriculum conceptualized by Teacher Mimi

(founder with a PH. D. title in education) and a former teacher from University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS) and still teaches graduate classes in U.P. and Miriam College. Workbooks and activities were annually revised to adopt advanced teaching methods and child development.

For updated Early Literacy Clinic (ELC) tuition fee rates, contact or visit the clinic directly.
This school year’s (SY 2012-2013) tuition fee ranges from PhP40,000 to PhP45,000. ELC has a reservation fee of PhP3,000 that is non-refundable but deductible from total fee.

Tuition fee update as of (June 2015 ) SY 2015-2016: PhP60,000

The detailed clinic service fee is inclusive of:
Instructional materials: worksheets and manipulative kits for Reading Expressive Writing, Math, and Science
Individualized progress reports/certification of attendance/participation, evaluation, awards, and curriculum accomplishment.

Based on the recently concluded ELC Year-end Parent-Teacher Conference (March 2, 2013), the clinic is now changing the labels/branding of Levels. For the teachers it’s just a matter of labeling per se but the teaching methods are still at par from other preschools in Manila. ELC decided to adopt the labeling to incorporate the “kinder” term that was implemented from the K-12 Program. Big schools like Ateneo de Manila University removed “prep” and now uses “kinder”.

Levels offered (with old and adjusted labels):
Level A – Emergent Nursery (2.06 to 3.05 years old). Starting SY 2013-2014 is now referred as Nursery I
Level B – Beginning Prekinder (3.06 to 4.05 years old). Starting SY 2013-2014 is now referred to as Nursery II
Level C – Early Kindergarten (4.06 to 5.05 years old). Starting SY 2013-2014 is now referred to as Kinder I
Level D – Prefirst Prep (5.06 to 6.06 years old). Starting SY 2013-2014 is now referred as Kinder II (Advanced Literacy Level)

Early Literacy Clinic also accepts transient students (temporary registrants). The rate for a month – PhP5,000. They attend to kids with special needs, although not their expertise but it withholds the individualized program.
During the summer, they have available Summer Enrichment Program (academic based).

Teacher Mimi was able to review one of DepEd’s curriculum and suggested “these will not be the case if I were to handle lesson plans integrated with K-12 program.” According to teacher Mimi since she has no authority to meddle with their programs and these guys won’t listen to their recommendations either way. The very reason why she created the Early Literacy Clinic (ELC) in the first place. To offer early literacy suited to the students based on the tested approach.

As parents, we have entrusted our daughter’s early literacy at this clinic, the place where she learned and had fun reading and writing. No need to push your kids harder in terms of coping up with each lesson. Your kid will eventually exhibit the result as they proceed with  their daily activities. Ours started to read books INDEPENDENTLY at age 4.11 (went to ELC at age 4.06 ). By age 5.6 she can read comprehensively, except for introduction of  new  and complex words. At the same age, she became more curious and asked for explanations with questions  beginning with “what’s” and “why’s”. With Math and Science subjects, she has shown deeper interest and continues to explore her abilities. The curriculum ELC used is designed from different workbooks,  the class is presented with five daily activities from:

Cognitive Development

  • Communication Skills in English – reading, listening, language, and writing
  • Communication Skills in Filipino – reading, listening, language, and writing
  • Mathemtics
  • Science

Arts and Crafts
Dance and songs
motor exercises (physical development)
socio-emotional development

We have successfully completed a two-year program and will be leaving Early Literacy Clinic (ELC) soon.  Co-parents from ELC are very proud to say  these children were given a learning foundation and study habits that they will carry when they enter the big schools. It’s like comparing to a physically/emotionally fit and full-geared soldier ready to face the battle, prepared in advance. 🙂

View more photos of Early Literacy Clinic (ELC) from Green Dei (Daryll Villena) Instagram.

Early Literacy Clinic (ELC)
Zosima S. Medrano, Ph. D. (Teacher Mimi)
Block 25 Lot 6 J.P. Rizal Street
New Capitol Estates I
Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City
[tel] 931-4132

UPDATE (September 2013): Currently my child is enrolled in a private montessori in Quezon City. The last thing I heard about ELC management, one of the teachers who handled my child’s batch is no longer connected with the school.  I am not sure how this review will remain as is and affect the ratings I previously made, because teaching methods and source materials for progressive schools vary from one teacher to another. Teacher Mimi still handles the school curriculum. Again, all the reviews I made were only applicable from the academic year (AC 2011-2012 and 2012-2013).

How to get there?
From EDSA Quezon Avenue or North Avenue
Ride Fairview bound public transport (for FX = PhP20, PUJ’s = PhP13)
Stop right in front of NCE I main gate
Nearest landmark: beside Ever Gotesco Commonwealth Mall and St. Peter Church. Look for a Lotto outlet near the main gate.
Bring IDs to present to the security guard (just in case).
From Fairview
Ride Quiapo, Baclaran, Ayala or Ever Ikot bound public transport (bus, fx or PUJ’s are available)

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