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Last Wednesday we were at the National Museum to check on something, we immediately took noticed of the multi-media galleries the museum maintained and how kids amuses themselves back and forth engaging every corner display they get to touched. Until Mind Museum popped into our conversations, and how we’ll enthusiastically wait for its public admission. Even told my companions way back my fave subject was Science particularly Biology, Astronomy, Physics. Oh well, we are looking forward to the opening of Mind Museum and to bring along Drei of course, it’s the first world-class science museum in the country. It facilitates over 250 inter-active minds-on & hands-on exhibits. Soon the museum is set to be the future venue for science-related activity and events.

The Mind Museum houses 5 state-of-the-art galleries:
  1. The Story of the Universe – Its Beginning & Majesty
  2. The Story of the earth – Its Story Across the Breadth of Time
  3. The Story of the earth – Its Story Across the Breadth of Time
  4. The Story of Atom – The Strange World of the Very Small and
  5. The Story of Technology – The Showcase of Human Ingenuity
>Minds at Work: Mind Museum @ The Fort, Taguig 1
Important Facts:
Total Covered Floor Area [including the plaza = 7,595 sqm
Outdoor Area = 6,935 sqm total outdoor area inclusive of 800 sqm enlosed area for the Science-in-the-Park 
Indoor Exhibition Area = 3,560 sqm
Office Area = 260 sqm
Food and Retail Areas = 620 sqm
Number of Designers and Resource Scientists = approx. 50
Planned Opening Date = 4th Quarter of 2011
>Minds at Work: Mind Museum @ The Fort, Taguig 2
Minds at Work: A Preview of The Mind Museum’s Exhibits
Be among the first to experience science come alive at The Mind Museum’s first exhibit testing event: Minds at Work on 26 May 2011 at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City. Manipulate and play with a varied selection of exciting and engaging exhibit pieces that will give you a foretaste of the science fascination that will greet you when The Mind Museum is completed this December. Limited availability: Sign-up here.

To this day, Mind Museum is currently accepting Sponsorship/Donation in helping build a high-end project. For as little as PhP1,000 you  can share and help build the museum. For every donation made, Mind Museum will recognized YOU via placing your name in their website. Donors will also received an electronic Donor’s Certificate & a sponsorship badge where you can post and display this badge in your Facebook and any other site you have. Aside from that your name will be included in the Donor’s Marker galleries of Mind Museum.

See you there!
Visit Ten Minute Stops for more details.

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>Congrats! See you at the NBC Tent for the first Exhibits testing!

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