Lead Like Jesus Conference 2013

Lead Like Jesus Conference 2013
Servant Leadership Transformation

Motivational Talk
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What: Lead Like Jesus Conference 2013
When: October 5, 2013 Saturday 9-6AM
Where: Philippine Normal University, HRD Auditorium, Ayala Blvd., Manila

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Lead Like Jesus Conference 2013

The greatest leadership model ever… is Leading Like Jesus.

“Lead Like Jesus equips people and organizations through the teaching of the H4 framework as their core operating system impacting people in their position as life-role and/or organizational leaders. Organizational culture changes as leaders align their heart, head, hands, and habits.”

A whole day event that will be facilitated by Mr. Jim Montgomery (Chief International Officer, LLJ) and Mr. Boris Joaquin (country leader and master trainer of LLJ Phils. and CEO of Breakthrough Leadership). The conference will focus on emphasizing leadership paradigm exemplified through the life of Jesus. What he did, how he worked and dealt with the everyday environment. The Lead Like Jesus program was developed by Mr. Ken Blanchard, co-author of the “The One Minute Manager” and Mr. Phil Hodges, a 30-year business veteran.

School Talk is strongly convinced that servant leadership is a redefined kind of leadership principle that produces the best results on being a leader. We also believe that this kind of virtue, inculcated to one’s personality can create the maximum potential for every individual, regardless of his or her state.


1. To heighten the awareness on the value of leadership and its influence.

2. To empower leaders, as they live and teach others.

3. To provide them with a framework of servant leadership that will have a significant impact on the nation.

4. To extend Jesus’ leadership principles not only in church and school.


1. The Two Key Questions

What is our primary work?

• Inspiring and equipping people to Lead Like Jesus

• Discipleship

What are the core concepts people must be taught and understand?

• The Transformational Model

• The 3 EGO Diagrams (Edging God Out, Exalting God Only, EGO Factor)

• The Pyramid Diagrams and Performance Planning

• The Way of the Carpenter

• Solitude, Prayer, Study and Application of Scripture, Accepting and Abiding in God’s 
Unconditional Love, Maintaining Accountability Relationships

2. Lead Like Jesus Distinctive:

A. A New Definition

• Leadership happens anytime you seek to influence the thinking, behavior or development of another

B. A Defined Framework

• Heart – intentions and motivations of a leader

• Head – beliefs about leadership and influence

• Hands – methods and behaviors of a leader

• Habits – daily disciplines to keep a leader focused

C. A Perfect Model


• Youth (16-24 years old)

• Parents

• Teachers and Home Educators

• Home Schoolers


Chief International Officer & Certified Master Trainer, LLJ


Global Strategy Advisor at Vision for Villages

Senior Director of Asia at Bible League International

Director of Southeast Asia at Bible League International

Director of US Field Operations at Bible League International

Marketing Consultant at American Piping Group, Inc

Conference Development Manager at Alpha North America

President at Criswell Marketing Group
National Sales Manager at Parsons Technology (an Intuit Company)


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Economics, The University of Texas at Austin

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Global Business Management, University of Phoenix

Providing executive leadership that positions international business to operate effortlessly is Jim’s passion. He thrives on putting the right teams, Boards, and infrastructure into place to make that happen.

Having worked extensively throughout Southeast Asia, South Asia, and China and having lived in Turkey for 9 years as a child, Jim is highly comfortable working in the ambiguity that routinely accompanies being an expat.

Throughout his tenure as the Senior Director of Asia and the Director of SE Asia for his most recent employer, he was often recognized for his ability to implement cross-cultural initiatives and lead multinational teams that quickly achieved organizational goals.

With a depth of experience working for and with international nonprofit NGOs, as well as in more traditional corporate environments, Jim is a global strategist who provides executive level leadership. His strength in developing high performance teams, channel partnerships, and orchestrating large-scale turnarounds delivers the swift attainment of revenue and organizational goals.


LEAD LIKE JESUS – Country Leader, Master Trainer Philippines

BREAKTHROUGH LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY INC. – Chief Equipping Officer Motivational & Resource Speaker

His seminars and trainings include:

– Servant or Spiritual Leadership

– 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership

– Leading without the Title

– Exceeding Customer Expectations

– Influencing Skills and Strategies

– Corporate Discipleship (Coaching)

As a Senior Consultant, he has successfully trained and influenced the top management teams of different companies belonging to the Top 100 Corporations in our country today. For over almost a decade now, various corporations have consulted him on how to build an Excellent Team. 
As a Social Entrepreneur, his training and consulting work extends beyond the borders of the corporate world and into the Local Government Units, Education, Foundations, NGOs, Associations, Fellows the Religious sector and much more.

A Servant Leadership Program for the youth, educators & parents.

Limited seats only, register now!
Registration Fee – PhP300 inclusive of LLJ materials, certificate and snacks

Contact Whiteboard Learning
[m] 0932-8578255 or 927-9631376
[e] info@whiteboardlearning.ph or jim@whitelearning.ph

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