How to Apply for a Firearms License in the Philippines

How to Apply for a Firearms License in the Philippines

How to Apply for a Firearms License in the Philippines
Step by Step Procedure in Securing Firearms License and Permits in the Philippines

LTOAPF and PTCFOR applications
DI Clearance by the Directorate for Intelligence
Neuro-Psychiatric Test by Health Service
Drug Test by the Crime Laboratory
NBI Clearance
Finance Service

The government’s Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO) is yet to deliver an Internet-based streamline processing of application for both licensing and permit acquisition. There has been talks from FEO to upgrade its information technology system by the end of 2015 to accommodate the LTOPF, as mandated by Republic Act No. 10591, the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Law of 2013. Streamlining the application process for the License To Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF) and Permit To Carry Firearms Outside Residence (PTCFOR) to deal with some of the protest of gun owners that license requirements are “redundant and excessive.”
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Under the new gun control law, all firearm owners—even those with current gun licenses—are required to first obtain an LTOPF, which is similar to a driver’s license, before they can own a gun. Under the old system, a gun owner got licenses and permits to carry for each gun.

Firearms License Requirements
LTOAPF Requirements

  • Accomplished LTOAPF Application Forms (3 copies) — May be downloaded at Individual-Application-License-to-Own-and-Possess-Firearm.pdf
  • Gun Safety and Responsible Gun Ownership Seminar Certificate from a PNP FEO accredited gun club
  • Neuro-psychiatric clearance, drug test clearance and biometrics (fingerprinting) (at the PNP NHQ, Camp Crame, or in PMP Regional Offices)
  • Clearances from RTC and MTC (Requirements: 2×2 pictures, residence certification, clearances of prosecutors, brgy., and police)
  • National police clearance or PNP Directorate for Intelligence clearance
  • NSO birth certificate or passport (bring original during LTOAPF picture taking)
  • Proof of latest billing address (address similar to address on LTOAPF application)
  • 2 pieces valid government-issued IDs
  • 7 pieces 2×2 ID pictures
  • Proof of income: Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • Picture taken at the FEO, PNP NHQ, Camp Crame, or in PNP Regional Offices (once requirements are complete)

Registration of New or Renewal License

  • Approved LTOAPF
  • Application form (duly accomplished)
  • Ballistic (fr. dealer) (NEW)
  • Photocopy of license (RENEWAL)
  • Processing fee

Transfer of Ownership

  • Approved LTOAPF
  • Application form (accomplished)
  • Deed of Sale (notarized)
  • Photocopy of license (not expired)
  • Processing fee

Step-by-step Procedure at Philippine National Police (PNP) License To Own and Passes Firearms (LTOPF) and Permit To Carry Fireams Outside Residence (PTCFOR). Based from PNP Caravan.

  1. Secure the necessary forms
    – LTOPF Form (in duplicate)
    – DI slip
    – Drug Test Form (in duplicate)
  2. Payment Fees
    – DI Clearance (PHP80)
    – Drug Test Clearance (PHP300)
    – Neuro Psychiatric Test (PHP900)
  3. Submission/processing of document and forms
    – LTOPF
    – PTCFOR
    – DI Clearance
    – Neuro Psych Test (NPT results can be claimed after 5-7 working days at the Releasing Area of the Neuro Psychiatric Section – General Hospital, Camp Crame.
    – Drug Test (Crime lad result can be claimed 5-7 working days at the lobby of the Crime Laboratory New Building, Camp Crame.

Make sure you have the necessary forms and valid IDs.
Don’t forget to attend a gun safety seminar, also keep in mind the rules of gun safety.

QUICK VIEW of the LTOAPF application

Individual Application License to Own and Possess Firearm

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