Diana Stalder by Dermaline SM Lucena Branch 1st Year Anniversary, “Dance Your Skin”

Celebrating Beautiful Skin Through Dance 

An open dance contest from Diana Stalder by Dermaline. In celebration SM Lucena Branch 1st Year Anniversary.

This is a sponsored post.  

Lucena City. November 30, 2011. Diana Stalder by Dermaline sponsored a dance event competition for Lucena City locals.   Participated by a group of young amateur dancers, as they exhibited grooves and competence and brought home major cash prizes, gift certificates and skin care products from Diana Stalder.
Dance Your Skin Contest by Diana Stalder


Body Mechanics Jr.


This event was hosted by 100.7 Love Radio Lucena City “Kabisyo” jocks: DJ Sammy Babe, DJ Lady Love, and DJ Lovey Dudes. Guest singer Mau Marcelo serenades the crowd of SM Lucena and FAME models strutting down the ramp  with Diana Stalder style parading some of the featured Diana Stalder products. Diana Stalder gift packs were also given away to lucky audiences through fun games and surprises.


Fix Up Deicena, Champion

Maureen “Mau” Flores Marcelo  the 1st Philippine Idol winner For a time, she went by the stage name Samantha Brown, based on her father’s surname.
The best part we enjoyed that afternoon, we were assigned as one of the dance contest judges, together with fellow new media disciples: the plum fairy – Vance Madrid and the rainchecker – Rain De Ocampo.  Since it has been a habit to observe people and give friendly criticism, now is the right time to make good use of it. 🙂 The judging process wasn’t that easy as we thought, you have to take into consideration the percentage of calculating the odds in favor of those who deserve to win according to the given criteria. Diana Stalder emphasized on the “skin” barometer. It doesn’t have to mean great looks and fair skin, it may go beyond the aesthetics and deeper perception. Could correlate with the group’s confidence and combined projection.
A bit of a trivia: 
The author used to do a m-e-s-s-y dance music choreography in school and co-employees. 🙂

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  1. >Nice to see talents all the way from Lucena. Good thing we can hold such contests to promote the Filipino talent. Hopefully more groups can do the same. I hope you enjoyed being a judge for Diana Stalder.

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