The Mind Museum Summer Programs 2013

The Mind Museum Summer Programs 2013
A Science Exploration For Young Minds


Mind and Body
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Museums in Metro Manila had a first-hand feel of Philippines’ first worlds class museum – The Mind Museum during its exhibit testing made for selected people. At that time it was held at the NBC Tent (also in BGC) while the museum is largely under-construction. It was an amazing experience where we, the model testers went goofing around the interactive prototypes and turning nerds from the information gasped from one post to another. Mind Museum makes Science more fun, thrilling, interesting and alive with its high-tech approach and attractive visuals. We were caught lying on the floor watching the Milky Way, having a wild science adventure with Bernoulli’s Principle, the solar bugs, forming tornadoes and a lot more!

Bloggers and parents alike entertain ourselves like we were kids before, the displays were like toys for us grown ups, much more to the children. 🙂

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The Mind Museum Summer Programs 2013

Give your kids a full treat (and jolt!) by enrolling them to the Mind Museum Summer Programs 2013, choose from three (3) different summer 2013 programs: CSI 101, Survival Science and Junior Mind Movers Program.
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20 Basic Travel Essentials in the Philippines

It’s More Fun In The Philippines
20 Basic Travel Essentials in the Philippines

Travel Philippines
Philippine Beaches
Philippine Hotels

Traveling around island Philippines basically ask for travel essentials that conforms to the tropical weather the country has.  Destinations and itineraries may vary but basic travel essentials for a tropical country should always be packed with comfort journey, thrill of adventure and the right attitude.

20 Basic Travel Essentials in the Philippines photo travel-essentials-deiville-03.jpg

Island Hopping Package Tour in Puerto Galera, Mindoro


CARTIMAR Pet Shop Flora and Fauna

CARTIMAR Pet Shop: Flora and Fauna

What to see in Cartimar

Cartimar Pet Shop
Flora and Fauna Section

This is the second part of Cartimar pet shop and shopping mall that we previously featured. On weekend, though not routine basis, we spent Cartimar shop/canvass mainly because we breed personata african lovebirds (ALBs) as a hobby and frequently buys dog accessories and supplies.

Cartimar pet shop is divided into multiple sections, the center part of which are the canine, birds, cats, rabbit, and other animals for sale and its wide range of supplies from feeds, treats, accessories and cages. Exotic animals like martinez (PhP350 each), african gray (PhP35,000) are one of the best finds you can have during a lucky day at Cartimar.

Cartimar Pet ShopFlora and Fauna Section

African Gray


postal heritage walking tour

POSTAL HERITAGE WALKING TOUR: A Dose of Philippines’ History

Manila Central Post Office, August 19, 2012. Feel the vibe of old Manila through Postal Heritage Walking Tour organized by Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club, front headed by Mr. Lawrence Chan, a vocal Filipino heritage advocate, philatelist and flower hobbyist. Chan’s extensive rundown of cultural traditions, historical buildings and places, icons and unspoiled history of Manila made a name for himself and the rest of his Postal Heritage Walking Tour – something that you have to explore and later on pass to your great grandchildren.

Postal Heritage Walking Tour