postal heritage walking tour

POSTAL HERITAGE WALKING TOUR: A Dose of Philippines’ History

Manila Central Post Office, August 19, 2012. Feel the vibe of old Manila through Postal Heritage Walking Tour organized by Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club, front headed by Mr. Lawrence Chan, a vocal Filipino heritage advocate, philatelist and flower hobbyist. Chan’s extensive rundown of cultural traditions, historical buildings and places, icons and unspoiled history of Manila made a name for himself and the rest of his Postal Heritage Walking Tour – something that you have to explore and later on pass to your great grandchildren.

Postal Heritage Walking Tour


San Teodoro: Tamaraw Falls in Oriental Mindoro

Best Things to do in San Teodoro Tamaraw Falls

A Puerto Galera Tourist Spot

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Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
San Teodoro like Puerto Galera have the same number of beaches and resorts rolling around Mindoro island. Though the area doesn’t have white sands compare to White Beach, San Teodoro is famous for its majestic water falls and infinity pool alongside the waterfalls.
San Teodoro Tamaraw Falls
Tamaraw Falls [San Teodoro]
Puerto Galera