ARTablado Art Exhibit Features Buklod Para sa Sining

ARTablado Art Exhibit, Buklod Para sa Sining

ARTablado’s “Buklod Para sa Sining” Group Art Exhibit

ARTablado Art Exhibit Features Buklod Para sa Sining
ARTablado’s Buklod Para sa Sining exhibit opening

Buklod Para sa Sining” is a contemporary art exhibit held at ARTablado, located on Level 3 of Robinsons Galleria. The exhibit features works from artists Jas Agbunag, Anton Aguas, Richard Apostol, MarPolo Cabrera, Meyo de Jesus, Rolly delos Santos, Ross del Rosario, Danny Encabo, Veejay Palcunan, Patrice Palisoc, and Ronald Allan Pena. The exhibit runs until February 15 and is a great opportunity to see the works of these talented artists in one place to see their unique perspectives and interpretations of contemporary art.

The theme of “Buklod Para sa Sining” emphasizes the importance of unity and alliance among artists. By bringing together established and emerging artists who share a common desire to challenge perceptions of artistic expression and mediums, the exhibit showcases the power of collaboration and the exchange of ideas. The theme of unity among artists is a unique and inspiring one, as it highlights the power of collaboration and the strength that can be found in coming together with a shared goal. The exhibit’s aim to be both a cultural and artistic experience is a great approach, and I’m sure that visitors will find much to appreciate and be inspired by in the works on display. If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth checking out!

ARTablado Art Exhibit Features Buklod Para sa Sining
Cookie Marquez, Corporate Public Relations Manager of Robinsons Land Corporation

Ms. Cookie Marquez and MarPolo Cabrera were instrumental in the creation and success of the “Buklod Para sa Sining” exhibit. As the Corporate Public Relations Manager of Robinsons Land Corporation, they likely bring a unique and valuable perspective to the exhibit. Their combined efforts and vision for the exhibit are sure to result in an engaging and meaningful art experience for visitors.

ARTablado Art Exhibit Features Buklod Para sa Sining
MarPolo Cabrera, the art curator for Buklod

MarPolo Cabrera’s approach to art is truly unique and innovative, combining contemporary art with synesthesia. His paintings, mostly acrylic inspired by music and his interpretation of sounds as different textures and colors are sure to be a highlight of the “Buklod Para sa Sining” exhibit. It’s great to see that ARTablado provides a platform for Filipino artists to showcase their work and reach a wider audience. The exhibit’s goal of supporting Filipino artists and celebrating art is commendable and will surely result in a dynamic and inspiring display of Filipino art. I love Cabrera’s statement, “We are united and we have formed an alliance to celebrate art and our enthusiasm. Each of us has a different style.” This emphasizes the importance of unity and collaboration among artists and the diversity of styles that come together to make a truly engaging exhibit.

ARTablado Art Exhibit Features Buklod Para sa Sining
Richard Apostol with his plastic card (sim card)

Richard Apostol is a talented artist whose works will be a standout feature of the “Buklod Para sa Sining” exhibit. His use of a plastic card other than paint brush or any art tool is a breather for his works. He was able to generate unique strokes in warm earth tones to explore themes of memory and convey strong messages is a unique and powerful approach to abstract art. It’s interesting to note that he uses art as a means of de-stressing, which highlights the therapeutic aspects of creating art.

Art definitely provides a unique form of expression that can be incredibly powerful. For artists like Richard Apostol, it serves as a means to communicate insights and emotions that may be difficult to articulate through words alone. The ability to visually convey ideas, thoughts, and emotions through art can be a liberating experience, and allows the artist to bare their soul in a way that words cannot. It’s wonderful to see how Apostol has turned his passion for art into a personal and meaningful form of expression. This type of emotional connection to art is what makes it such a meaningful medium.

ARTablado Art Exhibit Features Buklod Para sa Sining with Meyo De Jesus
Meyo De Jesus

It’s great to see how artists like Meyo De Jesus are able to connect with people through their art. By allowing their heart and emotions to flow through their artwork, De Jesus is able to create pieces that not only speak to him as the artist, but also have the ability to stir thoughts in the viewer. This connection between the artist and the audience is what makes art so special and impactful.

The idea that De Jesus’ work has an epic quality and can be seen as a contemporary description of something spontaneous with eternal qualities is a fascinating concept. This gives his work a timeless and universal appeal that can resonate with people from all walks of life. It’s exciting to see how his artistic vision has been shaped by his exposure to comics and how it has evolved into something unique art form.

ARTablado is more than just a venue for exhibitions. By offering guidance and support to artists in promoting their work, ARTablado is helping to create a community that encourages and supports the growth and success of artists. By providing artists with opportunities to interact with art collectors, ARTablado is helping to create a bridge between the artists and the art market, making it easier for artists to connect with potential buyers and build their careers.

ARTablado Art Exhibit Features Buklod Para sa Sining
ARTablado’s Buklod Para sa Sining exhibit opening

In addition, ARTablado’s guidance on how to negotiate in the art world is an invaluable resource for aspiring artists. The art world can be complex and challenging, but with the right guidance and support, artists can successfully navigate this world and achieve their goals. By offering this kind of support, ARTablado is helping to create a supportive environment for artists to thrive in, and contributing to the growth and development of the art community as a whole.

ARTablado is a great platform for artists to showcase their work and connect with art collectors, enthusiasts, and potential buyers. By providing a space for exhibitions, ARTablado helps artists reach a wider audience and gain recognition for their work. The organization’s focus on promoting and supporting Filipino artists is commendable and serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement for aspiring artists. Overall, ARTablado plays an important role in the growth and development of the Philippine art scene.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the unique and innovative works of these talented artists. Be inspired by their passion and creativity, and support the Filipino art scene by visiting Buklod Para sa Sining at ARTablado. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a collector, or just looking for a new cultural experience, this exhibit is sure to leave you feeling moved and entertained. So mark your calendars, and make sure to stop by the ARTablado gallery at Robinsons Galleria before February 15th., created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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