Zoobic Safari Subic Bay Zambales [March 2009]

Zoobic Safari in Subic Bay Zambales

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Since summer is approaching I ought to write our Zoobic adventure last 2009. To remind readers, this blog site sprouted last August of 2010 out of boredom. Let’s back track…
We love Subic, its beaches, duty free shopping stores, restaurants,  and booming hotel industry and it’s just a few hours away from Manila. My late grand grandfather hails from Zambales and an uncle of mine used to hold a job in the U.S. Naval base in Olongapo. Subic for us when we were kids is a common place to visit but at that time theme-parks are not yet developed, either the SCTEX [Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway] isn’t on the blueprint yet.
Subic still maintain its cleanliness, peace and order. Now that we have a child, we wanted her to discover nature with us. 
When in Subic, never forget to add in your itinerary the Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure trips. Subic family travels ain’t complete without raging the summer heat and adventures of both worlds.
Zoobic Safari dubbed itself as the only tiger safari in the Philippines on a 25-hectare land. Exotic and wild animals on their natural habitat, it’s the closest jungle safari around. Although referred as wild animals, they are quiet familiar and very much acquainted with human interaction.The amusement park give them the freedom to roam and frolicked in the grasslands.
Area for ticketing, reminders from tour guides, photo shoots, long waits,  while the summer heat is on. You may need a lot water and Gatorade, tremendous heat is exhausting and very stressful esp. for the kids. 
Zoobic Safari trail
this guy here is just 3 months old,  you can touch and take pictures with him for a fixed amount.
Rare-kind Siberian White Tiger [background]
look nervous? It’s the farthest I can take photos with.
Albino python snake
If my memory is correct, he is Johnny.
This guy is almost famous, saw some of his television guestings.
Drop-off point for the Tiger Safari Ride
Safari-jeep vehicle
We ride on a tiger-look jeepney to visit the semi-natural habitat of tigers.
Close encounter with a 400 lbs, tigers eating a whole fresh chicken treats.
When they hop at the roof-top of the jeep, you may think they can turn upside down the vehicle, yes they are a little mean but very adorable! 🙂
What’s more adorable is the manong [guy] who holds the chicken treat, he was just a tip away! These guys amazingly hand-feeds their favorite baby pets!
Even if they pay me in dollars, I won’t accept the job. Thanks but no thanks! hahaha! I’m so coward. Di bale na lang.
Fellow tigers are breed and nurtured here.
talk about chicken skin
with deer, ostriches, albino caribou, a bear, monkeys, an eagle, miniature houses, ducks, bearcats, guinea pigs, and ferrets
Zoobic experience has a lot of trailing but its worth it!
Croco Loco
Meet the 200 Philippine fresh water crocodiles
 other attractions like:
Aetas Trail
HIP-HOP Bay-a-wak
Zoobic Safari
GroupI Ilanin Forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Adult PhP 395
Kids 4ft below PhP 295
Park Hours: 8a.m. to 4p.m.daily
[t] 047.252.2272
[m] 0921.698.9463
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