U.P. Kindergarten Admission Test 2013 Result
University of the Philippines Integrated School

UPKAT 2013
Philippine Education
Preschool in Metro Manila
University of the Philippines

Last year’s UP Kindergarten Admission Test 2012 (UPKAT) gathered around 5,000 kindergarten applicants. The sad part was that only 100 slots available for kindergarten entry level. 60% of which are allotted for UP employees and the remaining 40% for non-UP personnel. The saddest part for all of those 40% outsiders alone, from the grapevine – selections will be made in random order by way of draw lot. Pretty tough and grinding for outsider parents.

As a parent, our journey has just started, today April 25, 2013; we received a snail mail from the office of University of the Philippines Integrated School stating that:

“We regret to inform you that due to a very number limited of slots, we could not accommodate the admission of (child’s name) at Kindergarten.

S/he obtained a score of 36 in the Kindergarten Admission Test (KAT). The cut-off score is 39 for children of non-UP personnel.”

I was frustrated and depressed for a moment as I utter in deep silence. Had a wishful thinking my child will pass the UPKAT 2013 (a mother’s gut feel). I learned somehow you couldn’t have everything within your reach. All I wanted is to give my child an opportunity. Basic education given by UPIS is something any hopeful parent wanted as a starter. This education compromise a highly integrated method of teaching (not available from any other school) at a closely fix cost. How I wish Philippine education were tangent to opportunities for all Filipinos. For us it’s time to face Plan B to face the race for private school replacement. Technically a few school operators in the Metro comes to divert curriculum to an enticing visuals, missions, etc; these group  rather look like cheap catalogs selling the stuff to attract volume of enrollees and  income generation. Tends to forget the concept of educating. Parents choose the right school and invest wisely.

Here are the complete list of UP Kindergarten Admission Test 2013 Qualifiers
Source: http://www.upis.upd.edu.ph/
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-01.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-02.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-03.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-04.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-05.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-06.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-07.png

We’ve lost today, maybe luck will be on our side on different setting. 🙂
How was your child’s performance at UP Kindergarten Admission Test? Did they make it or not, we love to hear your stories.


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