U.P. Kindergarten Admission Test 2013 Result
University of the Philippines Integrated School

UPKAT 2013
Philippine Education
Preschool in Metro Manila
University of the Philippines

Last year’s UP Kindergarten Admission Test 2012 (UPKAT) gathered around 5,000 kindergarten applicants. The sad part was that only 100 slots available for kindergarten entry level. 60% of which are allotted for UP employees and the remaining 40% for non-UP personnel. The saddest part for all of those 40% outsiders alone, from the grapevine – selections will be made in random order by way of draw lot. Pretty tough and grinding for outsider parents.

As a parent, our journey has just started, today April 25, 2013; we received a snail mail from the office of University of the Philippines Integrated School stating that:

“We regret to inform you that due to a very number limited of slots, we could not accommodate the admission of (child’s name) at Kindergarten.

S/he obtained a score of 36 in the Kindergarten Admission Test (KAT). The cut-off score is 39 for children of non-UP personnel.”

I was frustrated and depressed for a moment as I utter in deep silence. Had a wishful thinking my child will pass the UPKAT 2013 (a mother’s gut feel). I learned somehow you couldn’t have everything within your reach. All I wanted is to give my child an opportunity. Basic education given by UPIS is something any hopeful parent wanted as a starter. This education compromise a highly integrated method of teaching (not available from any other school) at a closely fix cost. How I wish Philippine education were tangent to opportunities for all Filipinos. For us it’s time to face Plan B to face the race for private school replacement. Technically a few school operators in the Metro comes to divert curriculum to an enticing visuals, missions, etc; these group  rather look like cheap catalogs selling the stuff to attract volume of enrollees and  income generation. Tends to forget the concept of educating. Parents choose the right school and invest wisely.

Here are the complete list of UP Kindergarten Admission Test 2013 Qualifiers
Source: http://www.upis.upd.edu.ph/
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-01.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-02.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-03.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-04.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-05.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-06.png
 photo upis-up-kindergarten-admission-test-deiville-07.png

We’ve lost today, maybe luck will be on our side on different setting. 🙂
How was your child’s performance at UP Kindergarten Admission Test? Did they make it or not, we love to hear your stories.


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81 thoughts on “UPIS: UP Kindergarten Admission Test 2013 Result

  1. The purpose of the Pre-Kindergarten readiness assessment in a classroom setting is to gain a more accurate picture of your child’s developmental and educational needs and to ensure that our program meets the needs of your child. The Pre-K readiness assessment will consist of activities revolving around the child’s social/emotional (sense of self, responsibility, and pro-social behaviors), cognitive (learning, problem solving and logical thinking), physical, and language development. Both Pre-K and Kindergarten children will participate in fine motor and gross motor activities. We will be noting how each child interacts with the other children and separates from the parent. There may be additional activities based on what the observer is seeing at the time of the assessment.

  2. is there a way to know the exact ages of the kids who usually made it to this UPKAT? they maybe kids who already reached 6 yrs old by the time they take UPKAT. They have much advantage, of course! More mature in milestones. I have already known two kids whose birthdays are February which means they were already 6 yrs old when they took UPKAT. As a result, they PASS. I think age of maturity matters A LOT! Those kids who have not yet reach 6 years of age by the time they take UPKAT seem to have lesser luck on UPKAT. Does this make sense? hope i am making sense… Is there somebody who has statistical analysis on the age groups mostly passing this crazy UPKAT?

    • It’s not really by the number, I guess it depends on child’s maturity and how to deal with the stuff they present to the children. Kid’s cognitive skills, emotional and psychological aspects varies from one another. Say mine turned 6 last December 31, 2012, but she didn’t make it.

      What makes UPKAT crazy is why do they allow thousands of applicants? The system should implement a control number to at least 500 screened kids. Considering it’s a public school and they only need 40 ousiders, the entrance fees are quiet steep. With over 5,000 applicants or more, it’s a potential money-making machine for a government institution. The entrance fees are even higher than that from private schools. Sum it up and analyze my point.

    • From what I understand, and correct me if I’m wrong, UPIS appears to have been established for UP Personnel, with that 60% of the favor as implied, I’m pretty sure thousands of outsiders hope for their luck in the remaining 40% (which is actually frustrating). Kahit man lang sana 50/50 na lang para fair (just my two cents).
      Anyhow, I believe your son is a smart kid. This isn’t just his lucky time but i’m sure he’ll do well in other equally topnotch schools if given the chance.

  3. I did not see also my son’s name at the list but im still waiting for his score.. as I know that at their batch he is the one who is active at the play room. And he is confident that time.. di ko lang alam yung exam mismo if nagawa niya ng maayos..they are the last batch kasi. I just thinking baka di na sila masyado nagbigyan ng pansin.. :-(. Anyway, GOD has always a good plan for our kids.

  4. Hmmm yeah I hear entrance exams there is tough even for the little kids. I took up BS FLCD at College of Home Economics and was a student teacher at their pilot progressive preschool CDC (if I’m not mistaken). Ganun din mahirap makakuha ng slot. Anyway.. nakakagulat nga lang yung number of people who applied. oo nga.. nag muka tuloy money making business. 😛

  5. same here, so sad. but at least our kids tried. Will yet to receive the letter though, but since her name is not in the list… 🙁

  6. Hi Cyan… last batch din daughter ko..magkasabay sila ng son mo. I share the same feeling with you…parang at that point nakapili na sila kasi kwento ng anak ko minamadali sila. Halos lahat sila, nakakadalawang sulot pa lang ng butones, eh, kinuha na raw agad ang blouse..haays.. Di kaya mga extrovert ang kadalasang kinukuhang bata sa UPIS? My daughter’s personality is the type na hindi sya show-off of what she can do. But when try to be interested in her, you will see her brilliance and maturity in d way she thinks…you’ll get surprised with her philosophy and reasoning ability.. Anyways, plan B na tayo. What’s d best school for our kids? Any suggestions po? or anyone knows a scholarship in elementary private schools? thanks 🙂

  7. Hello everyone, my daughter is one of the lucky 40 just found out the results from this blog. Some of the things you pointed out may actually be true, She belongs to the first batch who took the exams and she turned 6 last Feb. I don’t know what her score is though, but it may have been high since UPIS didn’t contact us for any draw lots. But she did also mention that she was unable to finish the activities becase she was rushed. When it came to the written exam she did told me she was sure she got a perfect score. I guess it was just really meant for her.

    • Big congrats to your child! 🙂 At first, I was planning to target first batch, but hersays it’s better not to rush. And then the rest is now history.

  8. hi gud day… ask q lng panu nyo po nlmn score ng mga anak nyo? kumuha dn kc ang anak q ng exam sa upis. tnx po. gusto q lng mlmn d rn kc xa pumasa.

  9. Hi ako..same feeling with you…anyway our plan be is to continue his school as prep dun sa old school nya since dun siya nag nursery and kinder… then next year dun hanap ng big school na ok for him…:-)

  10. I didnt tried to submit the application on first batch since our surname begins with S. Nakanote kasi dun ang sched sa application..:-(

  11. My son will turn 6yrs sa June..;-) it’s a great experience naxrin for him.Thougjh excited sana siya na pumasok sa UPIS lagi niya tinatanong if dun siya papasok sa big school..

  12. Hi, my son also qualify in UPIS. He will turn 6 this august. Last batch sila, i believe they based it on the score.

    • Thanks. ang pinag isipan ko ngayon is UPIS vs Ateneo. My son also passed in Ateneo, although nakaenroll na ako at nakabayad parang gusto ko UPIS kasi maganda daw and quality of education. Parang philippine science of elementary

    • Ateneo is also a good choice. 🙂 While in UPIS the teaching language will be in Filipino until Grade 2 (I believed), come Grade 3 onwards English language will be introduced in the classroom. Everyone knows some Ateneo students experienced difficulty in handling Filipino subjects. 🙂

      If you’re backing out from UPIS, could you please pass the slot to my child? (Just kidding!)

  13. ang sabi pala sa akin ng kakilala ko sa UP, they get the top 60 and top 40. Ako hindi rin ako tinawagan sa drawlots.

  14. Congrats ian 😉 your lucky.. if you are not pursuing UPis give to us your slot na lang if pwede…he.he. .my son really want to go school at upis…ty

    • thanks. baka UPIS na lang ang layo ng tuition sa ateneo wala versus 100K. Although naka enroll na ako sa ateneo sa UPIS na lang. May pambayad pa ako sa tutor 🙂

  15. Hi! My son was one of the 31 students na nagtie for the remaining 2 slots to complete the 40. Hindi nabunot ng husband ko yung congrats na paper. But just yesterday meron tumawag sa amin na may 1 nagbackout so meron ulit bunutan. 29 kme dapat pero 25 lang nagpunta. Yun nga lang 1 slot lang ang available, but God is so good, ako ang nakabunot ng CONGRATS! To God be the Glory!

  16. Hello Arlene, may i know your son’s score? My daughter’s score is 38, nakakahinayang kasi 39 ang cut-off.

    What other schools can you guys recommend? Thanks!

    • Hey Lyn,
      These are the grade school info mentioned from my previous blog post. Hope you checked them out via http://www.deiville.com/quezon-city-progressive-schools-and-traditional-schools-directories/

      However, here are the list of school worth trying (based from research and parent feedback I collected this school year 2013):
      Ingenium School, Manila Waldorf School, The Abba’s Orchard (A Maria Montessori School) – Quezon City, Nest School for Whole Child Development Inc., The Raya School, Inc., The Learning Tree Child Growth Center, Inc. and The Seed Montessori School.

      Hope that helps.

  17. Hi Lyn, actually I don’t know the score of my son. I think they do not give the scores to passers. Sorry if I cannot give you enough info about it. 🙁

    • I have a gut feel that it sounds pre-selected, think of the UP-employees “kumpare” syndrome. They could have better edge even if they came from outside.

      You could ask the admin office, tell them you are entitled to know the performance of your child.

  18. Hello All. Yes they do not give out the scores to those who passed they will just say it’s either 39 or higher.

    • All I can say is, I mold my child and develop her sense of wisdom through the help of the pre-school (Early Literacy Clinic) she went at. She was able to excel in all subjects based from her oral/written tasks (both in English and Filipino). At age 6, she has the potential and maturity to pass the UPKAT. Maybe I expected too much, but I have the basis and proof to quantify what UPIS seeks. Chances are we do not have the right connection, the government spread “tuwid na daan”. Crap and lies. It’s a public school per se, open it to those who badly needs FREE quality education. And increase the percentage to 1,000 and appoint teachers who graduated from UP DIliman roaster. And politicians, prioritize the budget, that’s the root cause of these scenario. Although UPIS can managed to pull off a great amount of funds (from the 450 entrance fee charges multiply it to a thousand applicant), aside from other funding projects, donations and allotted national budget.

  19. just sharing thoughts…
    UPIS only admits 40 kids of non-UP employee applicants and 60 kids of UP employee applicants. Among the over 3000+ applicants only 100 will be admitted. The age bracket of the children is 5.5 to 6.5 which I believe is not so fair for children at ages 5.5 to 5.9. Any pediatric experts would agree with me the great difference in the milestones and maturity of the kids reaching the age 6 compared to those at their age 5 milestones. Another truth is that the kids of non-UP applicants must get a perfect score in the written entrance exam unlike those who are the kids of UP employee applicants. Is that FAIR? What is really the ultimate purpose of UPIS? Is it really for the UP employees’ benefits or for all the Filipino children? Are the UPIS kids really meant to become “Iskolar ng Bayan?” I think most kids admitted to UPIS are NOT financially-challenged. They were able to send their children in expensive private schools and tutorials to prepare their children in taking the UPKAT. For sure, kids who passed UPKAT were mostly kids from a well-off family. If the slots for UPIS are really limited, the government should make sure that it is meant for underprivileged yet brilliant kids of the Philippines. There should be a screening of the applicants’ financial capability. Otherwise, better just to offer the UPIS for the children of the UP-employed applicants rather than opening the UPIS for non-UP who are mostly financially well-off.
    Several points I want for our government to consider:
    1) Either change the age bracket into 5.5-5.9 yrs old children or categorize the selection according to age groups, i.e. 50% will come from ages 5.5-5.9 and 50% from ages 6-6.5;
    2) Increase the number of slots to be admitted to UPIS to at most 500 slots;
    3) Select and screen the applicants financial capability to give chance and favor to brilliant children who are financially-challenged;
    4) Attainment of perfect score in the written exam should be applied to both UP and non-UP applicants;
    There should be UPIS in all UP campuses not only in Diliman, such as, UPIS-Manila, UPIS-Los Baños, UPIS-Baguio, UPIS-Visayas, etc.

    • You made a good analogy, UP system should view parent’s feedbacks and it’s about time the government should revise the existing rules from the Board of Regents, it’s outdated and unfair to DESERVING ““Iskolar ng Bayan”

      I have a friend who took up Educ. from UP and she said the “students from UPIS are not all academically outstanding, if they could compare private students of the same level, the latter should have been admitted.”

  20. UPIS 2013 is over! And it’s not the end of all our hopes and dreams for our kids. Everything happens for a PURPOSE! I salute all parents who are wholly devoted in guiding their children and who keep track the progress and milestones of their kids. We all want the BEST for them! But sometimes what we think “best” is not really the Best Will of God for them. What matters most is to follow where God leads us to bring our children. We may wonder “why God? Why not in UPIS? We need money so that we can start saving for our own house & lot… Why are we not given the opportunity for a FREE & quality education at UPIS? Why others who are able to afford exclusive schools, like Ateneo, Miriam, etc. still receive the slots for UPIS? Why, why, why..?” A lot of questions bombard us which may seem unfair. But the Truth is only God knows the very Reason! God is Sovereign! He has greater purpose more than UPIS… more than the FREE education… more than the academics… All children are unique and genius in their own way! And they ALL deserve UPIS but the thing is, our children have different and unique purpose why they were born. This Purpose is what, we parents, should lead them to achieve in order to become Great persons! We are just beginning and way too long in our journey with our beloved children. Let’s continue to BELIEVE and always say Great things and Words for our children! Happy Parenthood day by day!

    • Yes it’s over, and I won’t even recommend the school for future takers. Future UPIS – UP Kindergarten Admission Test hopefuls: the key to pass the whole exam drama is to get the right connection.

    • Truly! Connection is the keyword. As residents of UP Village and Krus na Ligas, some of the last names of the kids who qualified “perse” are our neighbors with connections… There is POLITICS there at UPIS said the UP ballet faculty/teacher of my daughter last 1st sem 2012. That even her, as UP employee, she doesn’t want her kids to study at UPIS. She also fears the kind of character that might influence her kids.

  21. For parents still hunting for other grade schools offering BEST quality education yet quite affordable. The following schools are highly recommended by UP graduate pre-school teachers and experienced moms’ top choice, like me (hehe):
    1) Mayfiel Montessori Academy
    2) Gospel Light Academy
    3) PWU-JASMS (at Edsa)
    4) FEU-FERN College
    5) Hope Christian Academy (near SM North)

    • PWU-JASMS is also one of our choice, but our only concern is the proximity. If ever we consider transferring, this school is on the list.

      FEU-FERN in Fairview? My neighbor’s daughters went here, and they quiet an achiever plus the tuition is very reasonable.

  22. FEU-FERN College address:
    Sampaguita Avenue Mapayapa Village 1101 Diliman Quezon

    Gusto ko sana talaga sa FEU-FERN College in Diliman, kaso medyo malayo sa bahay namin. So we chose Mayfield Montessori Academy and my daughter qualified for the Grade 1 level assessment. Pwede lakarin or thru bicycle lang and distance mula samin…Nakatipid nko sa pamasahe..hehe

    • That’s right, aside from school’s credentials and curriculum. Important yung location/traveling time dahil mga bata pa sila – dapat hindi stressful and polluted. Plus sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, one should be wise enough how to save money, energy and time. Let us know more about Mayfield Montessori Academy, your child experience and your feedback as a doting parent. 🙂

  23. Thanks Daryll! I like your positivity…you are a pretty and brilliant mom inside-out as I cud see on your picture…
    Well, Mayfield Montessori Academy (MMA) has been at Teachers Village, Diliman Q.C. for 25 years. It is one of the authentic Montessori schools in Quezon City according to our neighboring teachers who were from UP. The entire place is properly ventilated though not air-conditioned. Windows are wide enough for air to pass through freely. Surroundings are clean with nice play area on the ground floor. It’s a 5-storey building with a court on the roof-top. The teachers are so nice, professional, courteous, cheerful and shows/express love and interest for the children. And most of all, I find the teachers very smart because they answer all my questions and I was very satisfied with their answers. The teachers are mostly graduates of UP and UST. Usually, MMA is tapped by DepEd to conduct seminars and trainings for basic education teachers, those who plan to put up a private schools and also does seminars on K2-12. These factors convince us of the quality of education it offers while the cost is very reasonable. The 39k includes already the tuition fee, miscellaneous and books for grade 1 to 3, for pre-school, 38k. Plus the fact that MMA produces students who passed the PhiSci HS and QSci HS.

    • Thanks! You sound-well rounded too. I admire people who voice out their opinions and can carry intelligent conversation.

      39K including the books and miscellaneous fees sounds ideal and pocket-friendly. 🙂 This school year I spent 55K on tuition, 7K on books/notebooks, 2K on uniforms and another 2K for school supplies required. Plus the shoes, bags, etc. etc. It’s tough to be a parent of today’s generation huh! 😉 You give me an idea to put a blog article about the “school expenses this season”. Congrats for finding Mayfield Montessori Academy!

      Actually, PhiSci HS and QSci HS is our target also when High School comes. (Since my child’s extended cousin also passed QSci HS way back). You know parents will create a DOOR available for their child.

  24. Truly! Connection is the keyword. As residents of UP Village and Krus na Ligas, some of the last names of the kids who qualified “perse” are our neighbors with connections… There is POLITICS there at UPIS said the UP ballet faculty/teacher of my daughter last 1st sem 2012. That even her, as UP employee, she doesn’t want her kids to study at UPIS. She also fears the kind of character that might influence her kids.
    Napapakwento talaga ko sayo…hahaha… Heto pa… My child also went at ELC but only for the 2nd sem.2012. Why? A long story…but to cut it short, in search for a pre-school which has UPIS connections/foundation, a teacher from UP BCECE recommended Ms. Mimi Medrano of ELC. Though the triggering point was our disappointment with the CCCC pre-school where my child enrolled for the 1st sem.2012. We paid cash pa nga for the whole school year yet we still pulled-out our daughter. Good thing, they returned the 50% but we went through hell before getting back what’s due for us… Anyways, we had a totally fulfilling and a great experience at ELC! Teacher Mimi and Teacher Raquel are very loving and intellectual teachers. We also admire their assistant, Teacher Linda. We immediately transferred our daughter during the last one week of the 1st sem in October 2012. In that mere 5 days, we already see the improvement in the socialization and skills of our daughter. Those 5 days were even free of charge pa nga, special favor of teacher Mimi kasi raw naawa sya sa experience namin at CCCC. Nakasali pa daughter ko sa United Nations program. She’s the Ms. Spain, wearing black top and white tutu skirt with black small hat as head dress. She’s at 10:00 AM class. Hope you could still remember. But the major part is the whole package of what ELC had given and taught our daughter. In her mere 5 months at ELC, she learned to read well, became fun-loving, confident and HAPPY! And most specially, her potentials were tapped by the teachers. She played a major role in their Recognition Day program wherein she recited the most numbers of lines and led the song, SANA. Though she was not given an Academic Award, for us parents, she’s the Star of ELC that day! Also according to her teacher, since 5 months lang sya at ELC, they couldn’t give her numerical grade but only narrative assessment for her report card. We are supposed to re-enroll her again at ELC, however, both teacher Racquel and Teacher Mimi advised us that she is ready for Grade 1 level. And true enough! Our daughter qualified for Grade 1 level at MMA. But the memories and love we experienced at ELC will always be cherished and stay in our hearts forever! We will truly miss ELC! Thank you so much for the remarkable learning experience you have imparted to our firstborn!

  25. Heto pa nga pala Trivia:
    Si VP Jejomar Binay pala alumni of UPIS. Binigyan ng pera ng government ang UPIS now for renovation of all their facilities. Ang sakin lang dapat bigyan din ng malaking pondo ang maraming public schools kung saan mas maraming Pilipinong bata ang nag-aaral at isulong ang batas para magtakda ng ceiling price for the private schools tuition fees… Para kasing yung mga bata lang sa UPIS ang pag-asa ng bayan at future leaders of the country like him (VP Binay)! Me ganon? Hehe…

  26. If you want to prepare you children for UPIS, i recommend ipasok niyo ng DML montesorri. yung anak ko pasado din sa UPIS and he said that mas mahirap pa raw yung exam nila sa DML than UPIS. He is 5.3 years old

    • its the same comment I heard from my daughter, “mas mahirap pa sa previous school nya” But I don’t know (and I don’t want to know) how they measure child’s intelligence. Strike of luck maybe.

  27. I really dont believe its 7000. 1000 is possible and beside ano ang magagain nila para mafake yung figure? Yung test nila half day I dont think kaya nila tapusin 700 student a day. Tinanong ko rin sa guard mga ganon lang ang statistic

    • I stand corrected my blog with 5K and that 5K applicants were from last year (NOT 2013) based from parents I made conversation with last April 14 (during my child’s exam date). They were the one who gave me those figures.

      Deecee was actually describing the REGISTRATION alone on the first day, it reached 700 at that moment. She was not referring to the number of examinees on a daily basis.

      The sked for the exam is every hour: 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 I don’t know if they have until 12noon. We don’t have the number of children scheduled every hour, only the school admins knows about it.

  28. Yes I was there as well earlier they said 1400+ for non up just don’t know if those figures are correct since on the first day of registration there were already 700 applicants. Too bad we can’t choose the schedule of our kids mine was given the AM shift which starts 7:30 AM. This will be very difficult for my daughter since she usually wakes up around 9AM. I filed a petition for change schedule hopefully it will be approved. @ Ian whats the section of your kid?

    • the section of my kid is 7:30 AM also. Teacher Rica is the homeroom. My kid is in the first paper. They said that they study carefully the sectioning where they consider the ranking, balance between male and female which is the reason why it is very hard to change shift. Their explanation is logical so I did not bother to ask. Gusto ko lang is malaman yung score ng anak ko kaso ayaw talaga ibigay.

  29. Hi, I was reading the comments and I can’t help but post. My kid was one of the 60 who made it, nasa UP dependent slot siya. I know that it’s five times more tough for non-UP dependents, but it’s also tough for us as well.

    First if all, parehong UP employees kami ng asawa ko. Mababa ang sweldo namin. Kung sa private school namin pag-aaralin ang anak ko, di talaga namin kakayanin. In fact, kung di papasa ang anak ko sa UPIS,

    Also, maraming mga anak ng UP employee ang hindi nakapasa. Yung iba anak ng propesor pa nga, yung iba may kapatid na sa UPIS. Marami-rami rin ang nag-apply this year na UP dependent. Consider the fact na yung mga dependents ay usually galing from both UP Diliman AND UP Manila. Kasama rin ang mga empleyado ng PGH. At tinitingnan din ang socio-economic status ng mga UP parents. Kubg mababa posisyon mo, let’s say clerk, tinitingnan din yun at factor rin para makapasok ang bata.

    Para sa UP employees, ito lang ang isa sa incentives namin para magtagal pa sa UP. Ang baba talaga ng sweldo namin dito, sobra. Because of this, the kids of UP dependents are doubly pressured to pass the exam.

    So I want to correct the notion that UP dependents have it easier sa admission ng UPIS. Siguro may advantage nga dahil sa number of slots and the number of applicants (let’s say 60/130 for UP slots vs. 40/1000 for non-UP). But we also had a hard time as well. At sa mura ng tuition sa UPIS, kaya siguro maraming gusto mag-apply dun na non-UP. Can’t really blame them. Control the number of applicants, you also deny the chance of your kid getting in as well.

    Although I do agree with the point na dapat taasan ang government budget para mas maraming bata ang makakapasok sa UPIS–both UP dependents and non-UP dependents. Or improve the quality of public school education as a whole.

    • The sad reality of belonging to the poor sector of this country, education system’s budget is controlled and man-handled by corruption, they take away what is supposed allocated for the system.

      It all boils down from the so-called leaders (majority thinkers did not vote for them and yet they keep on winning the lucrative seat) Take this for example:
      Bam Aquino’s education platform fails, he uses education to attract the “masa”

      One thing I learned from UPIS experience, I won’t do it again. Maybe it’s bound to happen, we’re now enrolled in a established montessori and so far we’re quiet satisfied. 😉

  30. Addendum, nabura paka yung part ng comment ko–

    Kung di papasa ang anak ko sas UPIS, mapipilitan kami mag-resign sa UP, kasi di kaya ng sweldo namin ang tuition sa private school.

  31. Oo nga eh, dapat sana education ang priority ng government natin. Since I work in UP, nakikita ko yung sad state ng govt run education. If it’s any comfort, marami ring UP employee na ayaw ipasok yung anak nila sa UPIS. Pangit kasi ang facilities doon.

    But knowing nga yung probability ng examinees ng UPIS, hindi kami umasa na papasa yung anak namin, even if we had a 50% chance (nga pala, i don’t believe 96 lang yung examinees this year. Sabi ng isang mommy na nung nag-register siya, umabot sa 120-130 ang nag-apply and she registred nung almost end of the reg week). Sure,we prepared the kid, pero nung tapos na yung exam, I just think that the kid won’t make it, para di ako madisappoint. Wala kaming connections sa UPIS and only child ang anak ko, so bale walang kapatid sa UPIS.

    Pero grabe nga yung anxiety ng mga UP employee parent reg the exam. Yung preschool ng anak ko sa loob ng UP rin, so nakikita kong nasa panic-mode ang mga UP parents. On the other hand, yung mga non-UP parents, cool lang, parang tanggap nila na mahirap talaga makapasok knowing the probability. They already have back up schools na nga. In fact, for some UPIS IS the back up school!

    But nonetheless, the point is, just try but don’t expect too much. I mean 40 slots for 1000+ applicants? Parang lottery na iyon. 40-50% probability of getting in is already like throwing a die, or playing jack and poy.

    And most importantly, don’t pressure the kid. Yung ibang parents sinabi sa bata na kapag hindi nakapasa sa UPIS, di na mag-aaral. Actually, worried ako sa self-esteem ng anak ko kapag di pumasa. Yung ibang bata na hindi pumasa, feeling nila ang bobo-bobo lang nila, when in fact, they just didn’t pass a really difficult exam. And some of the kids I know na hindi pumasa are already anak or apo ng dean or UP officials, or both parents are professors, so it is unfair to say na kailangan talaga ng koneksyon para makapasok. It’s just pure luck, I guess.

    Kawawa nga yung isang bata, UP dependent siya, di nakapasa. May kapatid yun sa UPIS so the mom expected a lot. Walang back up school. So uo to now, naghahanap ng school.

    • I am positive there’s a correlated politics playing inside (maybe on selected number), I met one who made the final screening (two weeks after the exam proper). Whom I met from a relative’s event, and that person told me “she would have met us earlier” or the person who introduced us should have reminded her earlier. What does that mean? Was that person offering us an alternative?

      The same thing happen say in College of Fine Arts (during our time) when you knew someone close to a professor, there’s a bigger chance of getting in, although in our experience, we pass the exam because of pure talent and wisdom. I’m saying a “connection” will always be there esp. with the kind of government we have. There’s no doubt, 50% to 75% of government procedures (as dictated by their superiors) is not all honest work. Believe me I got a driver’s license before even without undergoing the actual drive test (I don’t even know how to drive then!) but I revoke the the ID years back. Same goes with the SSS and other gov’t entities (I do not want to mention).

      Let’s respect everybody’s opinion.

    • my child reacted with “Is it my fault?” Definitely not we told her.

      Yes that’s the mindset of the majority, it’s like winning a grandprize lotto 🙂

      Aren’t they going to upgrade the facilities since Ayala-land and parent sponsors are rounding up the new building construction? Oh that was supposed to be ask directly to DepEd and UPIS management. 🙂

      So true, sobrang mababa ang rate ng teachers, even the professors that’s why some of them leave UP. 🙁

    • I believe they are upgrading their facility including building this year. Marami rin nagsabi sa akin na pangit ang faciltiy ng UPIS at nakita ko rin sa building nila. Pero noong napakingan ko at nabasa ko yung curricullum napakalayo sa ibang school. Talagang pinag isipan nila how to develop a child. Kung papakinggan mo parang hindi sya public school as they are claiming. At first, claret is also my choice but ang layo ng UPIS even with the given facility. Si Chiz Escudero UPIS alumni. The only other reason why I choose UPIS is 4 days a week which I think is a very good to my child because he will have time to play.

  32. Well ako I believe na hindi palakasan yung sa UPIS kasi puro exam lang ang pinagbasihan nila. Ni hindi nga nila pinagbasehan yung previous grades unlike other schools. Although UPIS is a public school, they also want to maintain the prestige of UP name which means hindi sya para sa lahat like Philippine Science. I believe UP dependent also have to pass the minimum score of 39 so hindi rin talaga madali. Kung kokontrolin nila yung no. of applicants, how are they going to select the best which is really their purpose? I understand the concern of other parents, pero noong pinaexam ang anak natin sa UPIS alam natin na ang probability of passing is 1% pero naggamble pa rin tayo may mga sinuwerte lang at may hindi. Hindi kasalanan ng UPIS kung hindi tayo napagbigyan kasi iyun talaga ang rules. I research why it is 100 student only and it is not the decision of UP but DepED.

    • but not all those who pass are 100% brainy and all. Mismong teachers (College of Educ) from UPIS said some are not worthy to be there, maybe luck was with them during the exam.

      Anyway, we’ve move on and the UPIS stir is now dissolve.

  33. I know for a fact that up dependents only need to get a score of 26 to pass the exam. It is indeed easier for them to get in but I dont have any qualms with that since it’s their privilege and benefit since their working in UP. What really saddens me is the fact that rich people are also enrolling their kids to UPIS. Konting konsensya naman don’t you know that by choosing to enroll your kid to UPIS you are actualy taking the slot that should have been given to a poor but deserving kid?

    • Actually hindi lang UPIS ang maraming mga rich people kundi UP mismo. We also cannot point to rich people because they have rights also since we are all paying tax. We are always saying that Public school is bad pero ako mismo nag aral ako sa public school province and I believe hindi sa school kundi depende sa student.

  34. My son also said that madali lang daw ang exam comoare sa exam sa school nila which 50 to 70 itemz per subject every quarterly exam.. I know the capability of my son..but if the exam is purely filipino medyo alanganin ako since wala pa sila filipino subject and all their academics thought in english..this coming prep pa lang sila magkakaroon ng filipino. Maybe there’s a palakasan system I believe it though kasi un iba kahit up employee if hindi sila ganun ka bibo malamang laglag ka..what I want to see in the result is the breakdown of each category not only the total.para alam ko kung saan pa ang need to improve . And naniniwala talaga ako sa last batch na hindi na napagtuunan since last day siya and 10:30 am ang time nya..as in last..

    Anyways I moved on..he is already enrolled..maybe, pagcollege niya na lang ulit UPCAT na…


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