ZENYU ECO SPA: SPAntastic Encounter

Zenyu Eco Spa at Hotel H2O at the Manila Ocean Park: Get acquainted with Negative Ion Hot Bed and Fish Spa Jacuzzi

April 2012 Manila. These days sparty [spa party cum product review] has become part of our blogger regimen. Zenyu Eco Spa is a  first of its kind service here in the Philippines. Blogging has its perks every once in a while, when ladies hear a  newly opened “sparty” in Manila area,  we’re on the look on what’s hot and must try’s.  This site your reading is a mere fashion and beauty diagnostics, we have tips and grinds for consumer products and services. We crave for honest feedbacks and  share information for those looking for a specific services with emphasis on health and fair consumer products.
zenyu ecospa ecoparadise negative ionzenyu ecospa ecoparadise negative ion
zenyu ecospa ecoparadise negative ionzenyu ecospa ecoparadise negative ion
Why SPAntastic at Zenyu Eco Spa?


ECOPARADISE PRODUCTS at Zenyu Ecospa – Hotel H20

Ecoparadise Philippines
Introduces Ecoparadise Products with Negative Ion Component
at Zenyu Ecospa, Hotel H20
Manila Ocean Park

More and more people are shifting to health frenzy natural therapies and remedies [products or services] one way or another. A new kind of natural relaxation and by-products came up from Ecoparadise Products. Some nowadays are becoming paranoid, health craze. There are those who instantly influenced by the market trends, which are in reality- half-baked neither effective nor true lies. Some dictated by the marketing ploy. Yes there are products that yields improvement and result-oriented, but in my own opinion humans have different levels of body system and absorption depending on how a certain component would react.
Ecoparadise Pail
PhP 1,736 [approx. $40.5]