Blogapalooza thanks the blogging community

Just found out this 3:00a.m. ~ Blogapalooza’s post event write-up winners had that little extra tokens from noted sponsors and brandnames.
I got two (2) gifts! 🙂
  • (formerly – Polecats Class Card with 8 sessions per card, courtesy of Polecats Manila
  • – GC from BigK Imaging [Kameraworld]
Thanks guys and more power to your future projects!
In line with the winnings, I’m bringing in some of the Polecats Manila’s Polarity show where I was personally invited by the kittens, special mention to Kayleen Ortiz \m/


I missed the intro act where they pole dance to the tune of Eraserhead’s El Bimbo, Manila Symphony Orchestra did the rendition so well, it wowed the crowd and goosebumps all over the theater. 🙂
The only tomcat in the group performed a solo act.
And now I need some prepping up for my upcoming poly sessions [naks!], I desperately need to jog, run, jump, jog and jog for crying out loud.

Hope you enjoyed the video clips!, created by Green Dei (Daryll)
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Full Disclosure: This article is being published based on my written opinions and source of material. No business relationship involved with any company or organization promoting it. Deiville was invited by Polecats Manila to cover the event.