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One of the safest way to acquaint your child’s curiosity over internet applications and email in particular is to expose them to a trusted platform like that offers genuine internet security and will make them learn the proper email etiquette and utilization. Launched in 2009, is a safe email service designed to protect kids ages 4 to 12 from Internet dangers. This service allows kids to only send emails to and receive emails from people on their contact list while also allowing parents to monitor email conversations.
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With the massive availability of computing device, the ratio of children using these gadgets are increasing that some parents tends to neglect the online danger the children may encounter (internet dangers including cyberbullying, pornography, predators, and email from strangers.) Games, apps, photos and among others makes it easier for them to get over-excited. Later on they will ask for a personal email to correspond to their peers and not being left out in the field of exchanging emails. Should we worry? We should be, we don’t want our child to get into so much trouble from anonymous/spammy emails and unverified sites. gives full control over computer system’s safety and monitoring your child’s email activities. It allows parents to view contact list/manage contacts and monitor emails.

KidsEmail allows user-friendly experience by offering FREE 30-day trial. With easy registration procedure, they do not require a credit card verification. During registration an activation code is sent out thru your valid email address. Once activated, a parent can start creating children’s email account with email address that ends with (for younger children) or (for older children). Note that the trial period is limited to 3 children’s email account. The web application can be used on iOS, Android and web platforms. dashboard has a safety setting that includes:
– options to edit Display name for child’s email account
– blocked unwanted sender’s/email addresses
– mail monitoring
– receive emails from contact list only
– back-up copy of all emails sent to your child
– access to remove unnecessary links, images (photos), videos and other attachments
– mail restriction: schedule when does a child can access email
– track activity log-ins
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Dr. Laura Schlessinger Encourages Recommends KidsEmail to Parents
KidsEmail is an excellent tool for parents to use when playing an active role in keeping their kids safe from online dangers. It also helps parents teach their kids how to use the Internet safely and responsibly,”

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, one of the most popular talk show hosts in radio history, has been offering no-nonsense advice infused with a strong sense of ethics, accountability, and personal responsibility for more than 30 years. She is also a bestselling author of 13 adult books and four children’s books, including In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms, and Stupid Things Parents Do to Mess up Their Kids: Don’t Have Them If You Won’t Raise Them.

KidsEmail continues to receive awards and recognition from organizations dedicated to the safety and well being of children. The safe and easy-to-use email service has been honored by the Family Review Center with its Seal of Approval, Editor’s Choice Award, and 2013 Best of the Year award. has recognized as one of its top 101 Best Back to School Websites. KidsEmail has also been certified as a safe interactive environment for kids by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

If you want to continue with the service after the 30-day trial period, they offer subscription available on a given rate either by monthly or annual payment options:
Annual – $38.95 ($2.99/month) includes 12 months + 1 month FREE; up to six (6) children’s email account
Monthly – $4.95/month includes up to four (4) children’s email account
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