Parenting: Preparation for Educational Field Trips

Things to Remember on Your Child’s Educational Field Trips
Applicable for Preschool to early years of Grade School

Philippine Education

During educational trips, it’s common for parents or guardians to guide, assist their preschoolers and 1st Graders likely in outdoor locations. Teachers and teacher aids most of the time may not handle the children on individual basis. The school administration would ask parent’s presence to take care and attend to their children’s needs.

For toddlers up to 8 years old or older, here’s  a quick list for parents to prepare for a fun-filled adventure with the children. These are the basic necessities I would normally bring:

1. Snacks
2. Lunch
3. Bottled Water
4. Set of change clothes
5. Jacket/hoodie
6. Hand sanitizer
7. Towelettes
8. Small plastic throw-up
9. Trash Bag

Other tips:
10. Be there on time.
11. Bring extra food packs in case your child gets hungry.
12. Bring extra “more” foods for your child to share to her classmate or those who may need some. Teach your child  what to share and when to share.
13. Let your child hone her social skills.
14. A curious mind would ask a million question, sharpen your “Ask me whatever” memory, use basic terms a child can well understand.
15. Minimize the use of words like “hurry” or “quick” (or you will missed the “treasure moment” with your child). Take things spontaneously. Kids are kids, not robots to speed up.
16. Take still photos of your child and with their friends, nothing compares to images with natural smiles and laughters as your main subject.
17. Remind your child not to stay in dangerous areas like mirror window panes without full support, high level stairs, no running in escalators, don’t use elevators without adult supervision, etc.
18. Use your peripherals when looking after your child, kidnapping and untrusted character is rampant nowadays.
19. For extra hype kids, don’t give them too much sweets or you’ll stress yourself the whole afternoon. Reward treats are great but give in moderation.
20. Most of all have fun!

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