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Max’s Restaurant has been in the food business for so long that up to today’s generation the brand has evolved and continues to grow to keep up with the changing times. Filipino tradition seeks the value for money and quality of food and service when looking for a worry-free special events. So when my child was about to celebrate her 7th birthday, we trimmed down our venue choice from Shakey’s, Goldilock’s Cake City to Max’s Restaurant. Because the latter is proximity-friendly for us and the majority of the guests. The venue at Commonwealth branch recently open last 3rd Quarter of 2013. It was a major attraction for us: it’s a few blocks from the house, the venue is newly constructed, the function room I choose had an overlooking view of greens, the interiors/ambiance are fresh and new. The staff from Max’s Restaurant Commonwealth were the same guys from Max’s Ever Gotesco Mall. They’ve ended the contract and decided to build a new stand alone restaurant because the management of the mall is not open for Max’s plans to change the interiors and have it overhauled. It’s good that they pushed through, because the new home has ample parking space and good ambiance.

 photo maxs-birthday-package-alice-in-wonderland-theme-06.jpg

Parenting: Max’s Restaurant Birthday Party Packages
With the magician and Max’s mascot

 photo maxs-birthday-package-alice-in-wonderland-theme-01.jpg

Max’s Restaurant Birthday Party Packages
That’s the background we love to have around 🙂

Below are the details Max’s Restaurant Birthday Party Packages

Birthday Party Themes:

 photo deiville-parenting-maxs-birthday-party-package.jpg

Parenting: Max’s Restaurant Birthday Party Packages

Junior MasterChef
Junior ArtMaster
Princess Palace
Super Racer

Amenities Included (Princess Palace and Super Racer):
Free use of function room for 2 hours
Birthday Theme Cake
Party Loot bags
Party Favors – invites, name tags, party hats
Game Prizes
Mascot Appearance (for Php15,000 and above package)
Magic Show
Generic Tarpaulin Banner
Generic Party Balloons
Party Host

Amenities Included (Junior ArtMaster):
Free use of function room for 2 hours
Party room set-up
Birthday Theme Cake
Birthday Invites
Artist’s Gear (Smock and Beret)
Artist’s Tools (Bag, Oil Pastel, Water Color Brush, Towelette, Picture Frame)
Arts and Crafts Activities
Generic Tarpaulin Banner
Generic Party Balloons
Party Host

Amenities Included (Junior MasterChef):
Free use of function room for 2 hours
Party room set-up
Birthday Theme Cake
Birthday Invites
Choice of JMC Cupcake Kit or bake-it-youself Crinkle Kit
Junior MasterChef Gear (Apron and Toque)
Junior MasterChef Tools (Potholders, Wooden Spoon and Spatula, Towelette)
Cooking and Food-related Party Activities and Games
Generic Tarpaulin Banner
Generic Party Balloons
Party Host

We chose Princess Palace for Drei’s party theme in conjunction with my Alice in Wonderland theme. To execute some of my party ideas and put within Max’s Princess Palace. I paid for an extra charge for Corkage Fees of Php500 for my Candy Buffet Dessert Bar and Php300 for my DIY Photo Booth corner (technically the 300 bill was for the electricity consumption). To get the full vibe, upon guest arrival we played from iTunes Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack. And tag along my close friends in the blogosphere as an impromptu host (for ALice in Wonderland games) and add extra flare to Drei’s party, teacher Ia (Special Education PH) and Millete (Reluctant Passage) for the opening prayers and she’d helped me with installing my party buntings and candy buffet display. I guided my generous buddies to spontaneously host and be creative with the flow. I have made themed party prizes and activities aside from Max’s allotted loot bags and extra prizes. To Ia and Millete thank you girls for the extra hand. 🙂

 photo maxs-birthday-package-alice-in-wonderland-theme-07.jpg

Parenting: Max’s Restaurant Birthday Party Packages
With Millete and Ia

Here were the Alice in Wonderland party concepts and Max’s combined set-up:
 photo maxs-birthday-package-alice-in-wonderland-theme-03.jpg

 photo maxs-birthday-package-alice-in-wonderland-theme-02.jpg

When I was setting up the venue, the celebrant says “Mommy why Happy Birthday Daryll?” which I was ignoring. Funny how Max’s can make you wink! 🙂

Birthday chocolate cake baked by Max’s Corner Bakery (the tragic here, it was named after me!) 😛 To Drei, I did a lot of explaining why it has to happened. They thought Drei’s fullname was Daryll – so much for “maling akala.” As takeaway, Max’s party coordinator gave us white icings (for take home) to add Drei’s name in which the purpose made it even funnier – the melted icings  just won’t work believed me.

Max’s Restaurant function room is adorably decorated with themed balloons, balloon buntings and kid’s party area. This room in Max’s Commonwealth can seat up to 80 guests and can extend up capacity of 100 guests.

Rates for Party Packages for Kids:
This information are time-sensitive, they can change the birthday package rates anytime.

Applies for both Princess Palace and Super Racer
Package A – Regular Hotdog, Spaghetti, Juice and Ice Cream
Php7,085 (for 20 kids) and Php9,308 (for 30 kids)
Php229 for Additional Kid

Package B – 1 Piece Fried Chicken, Spaghetti,Juice and Ice Cream
Php8,569 for (20 kids) and Php11,535 (for 30 kids)
Php315 for Additional Kid

Package C – 1/4 Spring Chicken, Spaghetti, Hotdog, Juice and Ice Cream
Php9,165 (for 20 kids) and Php12,449 (for 30 kids)
Php345 for Additional Kid

Applies for both Junior MasterChef and Junior ArtMaster
Package A – Regular Hotdog, Spaghetti, Juice and Ice Cream
Php10205 (for 20 kids) and Php14,195 (for 30 kids)
Php389 for Additional Kid

Package B – 1 Piece Fried Chicken, Spaghetti,Juice and Ice Cream
Php11,575 for (20 kids) and Php16,249 (for 30 kids)
Php459 for Additional Kid

Package C – 1/4 Spring Chicken, Spaghetti, Hotdog, Juice and Ice Cream
Php13,220 (for 20 kids) and Php18,635 (for 30 kids)
Php530 for Additional Kid

Note: The kid’s food package rate is bundled with the party amenities.

The menu option for adult packages:
Menu A – Max’s Fried Chicken™, Soup of the Day, Pancit Canton, Chopsuey, Lumpiang Shanghai, Plain Rice, and Caramel Bar™.
Php 2,909.50 (Full Set); Php 1,457.50 (Half)

Menu B – Max’s Fried Chicken™, Soup of the Day, Oriental Beef with Mushrooms, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, Pancit Canton, Plain Rice, Roasted Nuts, and Frozen Fruit Salad.
Php Php 3,727.90 (Full Set); Php 1,864.50 (Half)

 photo maxs-birthday-package-alice-in-wonderland-theme-04.jpg

Kid’s meal and Pinoy’s favorite Max’s chicken

Menu C – Max’s Fried Chicken™, Sinigang na Hipon, Boneless Bangus, Kare-Kare, Lechon Kawali, Plain Rice, Roasted Nuts, and Buko Pandan.
Php 4,339.50 (Full Set); Php 2,172.50 (Half)

Full Set serves 10 people while half serves 5 people
Drinks not included and can be ordered separately per table.

 photo maxs-birthday-package-alice-in-wonderland-theme-05.jpg

Parenting: Max’s Restaurant Birthday Party Packages
Candy Buffest Dessert Bar for kids is a hit even among adults!

The venue set up Princess Palace party theme used pastel colors of pink and purple. Since I am working on a blue and red theme, I personally request to change the balloon decors. Max’s host the event in a clown costume and a magician. A magic show and mascot appearance went after the food was served. You can avail the mascot for free when your bill reaches 15K and above. Again to remind me of stress brought about by planning a party on Christmas season, do away with party before weeks before Christmas. Drei’s birthday falls on the 31st but we decided to celebrate it earlier for her classmates and friends. But realistically all sorts of parties, get together and reunions are scheduled at the same time making it difficult for the invitees to juggle which party to attend plus the heavy traffic (when I mean heavy, it doesn’t move at all) some guests arrived from a 2 hour ride within Metro Manila which is dramatically exhausting. But the party ends well and will cherished every moment from it. “Happy birthday Drei!”

 photo alice-in-wonderland-themed-birthday-14.jpg

Eat me and Share me

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