Engage your kids to interesting activities lined up starting January 2016

Manila, Philippines December 2015 – There are cool ways to discover your child’s yet to be seen skills or perhaps to spark his/her interest to other concept of learning without hurting Daddy and Mommy’s pocket. Here are some suggested activities to enhance your children’s learning capacity.

  • UP (Diliman) Recreational Community offers reasonable fees for weekend classes starting January 2016. They accept  non-UP students both for children and adult. If your child is into Wushu or swimming class, you can spend your time enrolling in yoga or Zumba class for adults instead of wasting your precious time just waiting for your child’s session to end.
  • Learn how to play music instruments. We are planning to two buy acoustic guitar to teach our child the basics skills. Tutorial sessions will be held at home until she learns well enough to handle hellraiser 6 type electric guitar. Percussion is also another great instrument to learn
  • Arts – painting and sketching, and crafting. You can do this as bonding time with your child.
  • Learning new language – buy books so they could learn how to read and write the basics. I started to teach my child basic Japanese at age three from counting 1 to 10, greetings, expressions, and dining topics. Soon she gets the hang of it and started to appreciate watching Japanese animation  while singing in Japanese rhythm.  Her anime drawings started to improve. Next in line is the French language., created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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