Ocean Adventure at Subic Bay

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Never leave Subic without experiencing the adventure in Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure. Multiple hits in one they say.

Going North: Fort Ilocandia Resorts

Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Back in 2005 blogging is the least priorities. Job-related, boosting sales, creating client smartcard template and after work gimmick are some of the multi-tasking activities that burns up our brains and eats up most of our time. Work hard, party even harder was the belief back then. I was employed to a technology-savvy company where biometrics, proximity cards, smart cards are considered new and hardly even heard.
We were given the opportunity [Marketing Dept.] for a three (3)days/ two (2) nights stay at Fort Ilocandia Resorts, the same group that developed and manages Fontana Resorts in Clark, Pampanga. A business trip and leisure in the North of Luzon.
Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel is situated in Barrio Calayab, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. It is 10 minutes from Laoag International Airport and 9 kilometers from Laoag City. We were lucky to have an arranged pick up point from airport to destination courtesy of Fort Ilocandia. A welcome drinks and singing staff clad in Ilocano costume entertained us with their Ilocano songs. If I were an early blogger then, I must have documented everything from Laoag airport down the last step from Ilocos. I’ll be sharing a selected worthy pictures/images, to make this virtual trip informative to some of the readers.
we were capturing Centennial Airport’s door security
Image Source: Fort Ilocandia
Fort Ilocandia Resorts is an upper class beach resort famous among expatriates. The resort hotel complex is composed of five buildings, made of Spanish-inspired architecture and finished in cool red bricks. It has 267 rooms with private balconies offering a view of the sea and possessing the features and qualities of Ilocano century-old quarters and constructed to accentuate the antiquity of a colonial house.
3 days – Buffet breakfast was so facinating
Ilokano foodie like bagnet, pinakbet or anything with bagoong!
we’re off to market
client presentation with Fort Ilocandia management
Laoag isn’t white sand, it’s just the sun on its highest point 🙂
pictures are deceiving though!
golf course
is curiously occupied by Koreans 🙂
see the winds?
“nadadala ako ng hangin!”
 looking for my surf board hahaha! 🙂
Check out the  waves! 🙂
Fort Ilocandia Resorts
Barangay 37, Calayab, Laoag City
Ilocos Norte 2900, Philippines


Widus Resort and Casino

Hotel Vida

Clark Pampanga

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This was the 2nd time to stay in Hotel Vida Clark, Pampanga. Drei a year older was able to enjoy swimming. Using her arm floater she nows navigates by herself. Floats and soak her head under the water. The thing about Hotel Vida, they are not so crowded. Most of the guest are usually foreigners – specifically Korean, mainly because its operated by Korean management. Hotel concierge is a mix between Filipinos and Korean manning the front desk. Within the resort lies the the Casino Widus and soon to open for the public the Widus Convention Center.

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Widus Resort and Casino

Hotel Vida

Clark Pampanga

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What we like about Hotel Vida was their clean, oddly-shape pool. Junior Suite was complete with amenities and very warm staff, they do hired a Korean hotel staff mostly for Korean visitors. They are everywhere! 🙂

Here are some info from Hotel Vida Clark.
Hotel Vida is strategically located 5-minutes away from Diosdado Macapagal Airport, 5-minutes away from Mimosa Golf Course & Country CLub and 3-minutes away from Duty Free Shops and Casinos.
With the DMIA, Americans, Europeans and Austrialians are often seen in the area, while Koreans are the most frequent visitors.

Widu Resort and Casino
Hotel Vida 2009

For decades it was known simply as the Clark US Air Force Base, home to American pilots serving in the Pacific.
Today, with the pilots long gone, the Clark Freeport Zone (CFEZ) is setting out to become the hub for business, industry, aviation and tourism in the Philippines as well as the entertainment and gaming centre in Asia.
Sitting on 1.9 hectares of land in Clark, Pampanga, rise an upscale 125-room deluxe hotel, Hotel Vida.  It is envisioned to be dynamic and leader in the market because of its commitment to all-in-one luxury amenities, design and services offered to guests. The first tower consists of the Deluxe, Junior Suite, One Bedroom Suite and a Presidential Suite, which boasts of complete and first-class amenities.  The hotel will serve as haven to travelling guests who seek relaxation and privacy.

Rooms offer a view of the adjacent golf course or swimming pool and greenery.  The water features and verdant landscaping are indications of its tropical influence, aside from complimenting existing vegetation.  Its South-East Asian inspired architecture conveys both comfort and luxury.

The plan is laid out in such a way that natural ventilation, vistas and space is optimized.  Thus, a light and airy environment is achieved.  From the outside, the structure, with its modern tropical façade is complimented by water features and lush landscaping. It is a contrast of structure and nature.  A contrast is also achieved through the combination of smooth walls against rough wood slate cladding. 
The interiors mirror the same tropical and Asian influences of the façade.  There is continuity in the contrast of wall texture, the softness of water elements and greens to the hardness of stone.  Indigenous materials are used to enhance the tropical theme, through modern and innovative means.
Situated in front of the hotel resort is the Convention Center which houses the ballroom and function rooms with a total of 700 seating capacity.  It shares the same modern Asian characteristics of the hotel.
Eventually, Clark will become the International gateway to the Philippines. With the development of Diosdado Macapagal International Aiport (DMIA), they  anticipate growth and business development not only in Clark but on the Region as well.

Junior Suite
Hotel Vida
The Home of Widus Vacation Club 
5414 M.A. Roxas Highway
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga
Widus Resort Casino
5414 M.A. Roxas Highway
Clark Freeport Zone
[e] rsvn@hotelvidaclark.com
[e] cs_casinowidus@widus.com
[w] www.widus.com
All images are owned by Daryll Villena.

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Preparation to Make on Chinese Eve
From the Works of an Average Filipina

Chinese New year Celebrations

A Filipino-version of sharing an old Chinese traditions to enhance the animosity of life in general. We’ve been listing down notes and digesting the works of Feng Shui for a couple of years. Before the start of Metal Rabbit [February 03] here’s what you need to prepare.

1) Schedule a general cleaning [house and rooms]
2) Have a haircut
3) Change bedsheets and linens
4) Purchase new undies and pj’s
5) Give oranges, if your sosyal give red “ampao” envelope 🙂
6) Rice urn should be full
7) Coins with red ribbon
8) Have some fresh flowers to attract energy.
9) Pay all your debts
10) Resolve differences with family members, friends, neighbors and business associates.
11) Also if time permits, make a sweet & sour fish, shrimp [dynamism], noodles [longevity] & roasted pork [prosperity]. 🙂
12) Positive thinking, prayer & hardwork


More photos: Symbols & meanings of my photoblog-tsik

Welcome Metal Rabbit – Year 2011!!!

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The Busy Road to Ongpin Street 

Welcomes The Year of the Metal Rabbit 2011

Ongpin Tour
Binondo Tour
Chinese New Year Celebrations

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Ongpin has been my fave place ever since I got myself pinned down to feng shui   addiction. Ongpin or Binondo is the little Chinatown found in Manila surrounded by shopping haven Divisoria, Carriedo and a lot more streets for merchandise/goods. Rain and I was headed to Divisoria to purchase some raw materials for some project/s and as well as to score some chinese “anik-anik” [trinkets].
From the stretch of Juan Luna St. you’ll find the Shrine of San Lorenzo Ruiz, turn to church left side [Paredes St.], it’s the start of strutting Chinese New Year feel. We re here for our yearly forecasts and fruits collection for our chinese new year traditions. And to sweep away bad lucks and know more cures for life enhancement. Of course we never forget to pray, more positive thinking and hardwork. This is my photoblog adventure we want to share.
Ongpin/Binondo Tour During Feb. 2 2011 Chinese New Year's Eve

Chinese New year Celebrations

Festive celebration to welcome the Year of the Metal Rabbit on Chinese New Year will be held at the Quirino Grandstand in Rizal Park on Wednesday, February 2.

Filipinos and Chinoys at Binondo are gearing up to celebrate the incoming 

Chinese New Year. Binondo Chinese community will 
lead the countdown to the New Year on February 2 to herald the coming of 2011.
This marks the first time that the City of Manila, the Embassy of the People’s 
Republic of China to the Philippines, and the 
Department of Tourism-National Park Development Committee are joining hands 
with Chinoy organizations to celebrate the occasion.

The celebration will commence with a grand parade at 4:30 p.m. which will start from Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz (Binondo Plaza) to Quirino Grandstand.

A countdown to the Year of the Metal Rabbit will be held, which will be followed by a fireworks display at 12 a.m.Students of Chinese Filipino schools and Manila public schools will perform with ABS-CBN talents at a cultural program which starts at 6 p.m.

Chinoy organizations such as the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries Inc., Chinese Filipino Business Club Inc., Federation of Filipino Chinese Alumni Associations Inc., and the Association of Chinese Filipino Schools in the Philippines are co-organizing the event.

Filipinos and Chinese have had close cultural, social and economic ties for centuries.

The Chinese influence has long made a mark in Philippine culture, and many Filipinos have embraced Chinese traditions, among them observing feng shui guidelines, wearing red and participating in lion dances during festivities, and enjoying tikoy, a sticky rice cake. 

Manila’s Chinatown are embraced with old-beliefs tradition, vivid and color-rich decoration are now put in its place to welcome luck to enter everyone’s threshold. Prosperity lanterns, ampao-red money envelopes, lucky charms, kiat-kiats and pineapple fruits, garlic, peanuts and ginger are abundant in every corner. 
If you have time, try to mingle with Binondo and share some good vibes. 🙂
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Red Ribbon features Barbie Theme Cakes

Late November 2010,  we received a snail mail from EQ Diapers (as a loyal brand user) birthday card/reward for Drei’s coming birthday. EQ gave her a 10% OFF from Red Ribbon Barbie Cakes and a 40% discount on Selecta ice cream variants [redeemable at  any 7/11 branch]. Sleepless nights as the kid clamor to pay a visit to a nearest Red Ribbon and her mindset was the  Barbie Palace Princess cake and no other design can replace it. 🙂
 kid’s ultimate wish-cake last December 2010

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