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Kinderheim Preschool and Grade School in Quezon City

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This school year 2011-2012, I did researched and ocular inspection on some progressive schools for my incoming toddler in Quezon City. Factors includes: must have a progressive method , vicinity, environment [mosquito-free], teaching approach, tuition fee rates comparison and the lists goes on from a curious parent.

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Since last year we started to look for a ballet school, I remember Halili-Cruz School of Ballet way back when I used to fetch my cousin from St. Mary’s School in Panay Avenue. We took a look at the place and the vibes, inquired for the programmes and fees. HCSB courses being offer: Classical Ballet, Baby Ballet, Pre-Ballet, Adult Ballet, Hip-hop, Contemporary Dance, Modern Jazz, Solo Variation, Ballroom/DanceSport& Taekwondo [Beginner & Advanced Levels]. 

Here’s the info we got:
For Baby Ballet [Beginner 3 to 6 years old], an hour per session.

Tuition Fees: 
Semestral PhP6,000  1x a week
               PhP7,500  2x or 3x a week [3rd class is free]

Annual      PhP12,000  1x a week
               PhP14,000  2x or 3x a week [3rd class is free]
Plus PhP 2,080 for the complete set of ballet uniform which includes. 
I have nothing against HCSB, the school has been internationally recognized and well respected. The only factor I put in consideration was the travel time. I put this on-hold until one day a family relative advised us to check out the Don Antonio Heights strip and googled for ballet school along the way,  Center for Movement & Music popped out. We did ocular visit for CCM and later found out their summer activity. CMM courses offered: Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, voice, piano, violin & guitar. 
For my tote’s Ballet [4 years old]
Level: Blossoming 
Schedule: MWF 11-12nn from April 11, 2010 until May 21, 2011
Tuition Fees: PhP 4,500 for 15 sessions with mini-recital and performance skirt
Uniform: PhP1,200/set [includes: skyblue leotard = PhP350,  pink tights = PhP300 and pink ballet shoes = PhP550].

I wanted her to learn more, aside from ballet she’s started a piano lesson from a UP conservatory junior student. The guitar, her daddy can teach her but I like most is the violin or jazz, too much from frustrated mom. =)

Center for Movement & Music
G/Flr. Frame Bldg.
8 Holy Spirit Drive
Isadora Hills
Quezon City
[t] 736.0667


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Unionbank’s Eon Cyber Account for Paypal Withdrawal

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This post has been long overdue, I applied Eon card last January and was released after 2 weeks. Initially, this card was supposed to get tied to my Paypal account. The debit card I hooked up with Paypal was my SmartMoney Mastercard, it expired last December and much to my expense I went through the hassles of connecting with SmartMoney hotline for 2 weeks also. So fed up, I went to Unionbank branch just a few walks away from my place.

So the long wait was over, as I’ve seen the card aesthetics,  it’s hard to believe they approved the design without giving attention to design details. Card number was written in black on a darker background. Are my eyes getting a little blurry? Or if my guess is right, Eon users have been coping up with magnifying glass to read it over.
Good thing we have a lot of magnifying rulers at home [joke]
Yup, when reading your card number, you need to bend the card a little sideways. Let alone leave the card, my biggest frustration was, I had Eon to be able to bank transfer from Paypal to Unionbank. I successfully registered the debit card but more problem arises. Online, I never uses my full complete biological name unless it was for my passport or a bank account. In paypal and other online gigs, I often used a part of my name. So if I withdraw dough from Paypal to Eon and apparently it will just bounce back to me because respective names didn’t match and i will have to incur fees and still not getting any.
Fools! I stop and think.
I inform Paypal for legal name change, they say I need to submit substantial documents to proved my well-being. I completed the papers [both hard & soft copies]. Again I stopped and think, it’s a busy busy day after day. It has to sit down for awhile. 
I have nothing against Paypal, I’m a verified user for two years already, I used it to facilitate payment receivables for my eBay account, as well as with my online shopping craze =) only this year I have decided to withdraw the payments I received and to deploy a greater purpose from the online earnings I had.
My conclusion, for now Eon card adds up to my collections of plastics, useless piece of plastic. “Buti pa GCash card and Smartmoney, in GCash  mobile banking is fast and efficient while in SmartMoney I pay mu utility bills.” Maybe I will shop online using my Paypal funds, I’ve heard of great looking ballet flats from Sole Sister, they are on Sale!, created by Green Dei (Daryll)
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Zoobic Safari in Subic Bay Zambales

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Since summer is approaching I ought to write our Zoobic adventure last 2009. To remind readers, this blog site sprouted last August of 2010 out of boredom. Let’s back track…
We love Subic, its beaches, duty free shopping stores, restaurants,  and booming hotel industry and it’s just a few hours away from Manila. My late grand grandfather hails from Zambales and an uncle of mine used to hold a job in the U.S. Naval base in Olongapo. Subic for us when we were kids is a common place to visit but at that time theme-parks are not yet developed, either the SCTEX [Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway] isn’t on the blueprint yet.
Subic still maintain its cleanliness, peace and order. Now that we have a child, we wanted her to discover nature with us. 
When in Subic, never forget to add in your itinerary the Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure trips. Subic family travels ain’t complete without raging the summer heat and adventures of both worlds.
Zoobic Safari dubbed itself as the only tiger safari in the Philippines on a 25-hectare land. Exotic and wild animals on their natural habitat, it’s the closest jungle safari around. Although referred as wild animals, they are quiet familiar and very much acquainted with human interaction.The amusement park give them the freedom to roam and frolicked in the grasslands.
Area for ticketing, reminders from tour guides, photo shoots, long waits,  while the summer heat is on. You may need a lot water and Gatorade, tremendous heat is exhausting and very stressful esp. for the kids. 
Zoobic Safari trail
this guy here is just 3 months old,  you can touch and take pictures with him for a fixed amount.
Rare-kind Siberian White Tiger [background]
look nervous? It’s the farthest I can take photos with.
Albino python snake
If my memory is correct, he is Johnny.
This guy is almost famous, saw some of his television guestings.
Drop-off point for the Tiger Safari Ride
Safari-jeep vehicle
We ride on a tiger-look jeepney to visit the semi-natural habitat of tigers.
Close encounter with a 400 lbs, tigers eating a whole fresh chicken treats.
When they hop at the roof-top of the jeep, you may think they can turn upside down the vehicle, yes they are a little mean but very adorable! 🙂
What’s more adorable is the manong [guy] who holds the chicken treat, he was just a tip away! These guys amazingly hand-feeds their favorite baby pets!
Even if they pay me in dollars, I won’t accept the job. Thanks but no thanks! hahaha! I’m so coward. Di bale na lang.
Fellow tigers are breed and nurtured here.
talk about chicken skin
with deer, ostriches, albino caribou, a bear, monkeys, an eagle, miniature houses, ducks, bearcats, guinea pigs, and ferrets
Zoobic experience has a lot of trailing but its worth it!
Croco Loco
Meet the 200 Philippine fresh water crocodiles
 other attractions like:
Aetas Trail
HIP-HOP Bay-a-wak
Zoobic Safari
GroupI Ilanin Forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Adult PhP 395
Kids 4ft below PhP 295
Park Hours: 8a.m. to 4p.m.daily
[t] 047.252.2272
[m] 0921.698.9463, created by Green Dei (Daryll)
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Vista Marina

Subic, Olongapo City


We love to hit the beach or pool on a very hot summer in the sun-kissed Philippines. Compare to other hotels along Subic Bay, Waterfront Road, Vista Marina is spacious enough, not too crowded for family trips. A choice of smaller hotels paralleled to Waterfront Road is also available. We tried Subic Park Hotel the first time we went last December 2008, its beside the Vista Marina. I’m still archiving  the pictures before blogging it out. 
Junior Suite, as always hotel stays have a complimentary  Buffet Breakfast  for two (2). An extra charge for the additional head.
VM has a Meditterranean-inspired interior, gazebo and shapely-design pool. The pool is well lit in the evening with surrounding jazz music playing along. Day or night it’s fun to swim, it’s like the pool is all yours! 
Vista Marina Hotel & Resort
Blk 3 Lot 2 Waterfront Road
Moonbay Marina Area
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222

Subic Booking Office:
Suite No. 23 West gate Bldg.

No. 1 Sampson Rd., Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Subic Phone & Fax: (047) 252.9315
Manila (632) 687.6139 or 687.2324
Sun Mobile: 0922 8134825
Smart Mobile: 0918 2724803
Contact No: 1-866-571-0415

Ocean Adventure at Subic Bay

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Never leave Subic without experiencing the adventure in Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure. Multiple hits in one they say.

Going North: Fort Ilocandia Resorts

Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Back in 2005 blogging is the least priorities. Job-related, boosting sales, creating client smartcard template and after work gimmick are some of the multi-tasking activities that burns up our brains and eats up most of our time. Work hard, party even harder was the belief back then. I was employed to a technology-savvy company where biometrics, proximity cards, smart cards are considered new and hardly even heard.
We were given the opportunity [Marketing Dept.] for a three (3)days/ two (2) nights stay at Fort Ilocandia Resorts, the same group that developed and manages Fontana Resorts in Clark, Pampanga. A business trip and leisure in the North of Luzon.
Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel is situated in Barrio Calayab, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. It is 10 minutes from Laoag International Airport and 9 kilometers from Laoag City. We were lucky to have an arranged pick up point from airport to destination courtesy of Fort Ilocandia. A welcome drinks and singing staff clad in Ilocano costume entertained us with their Ilocano songs. If I were an early blogger then, I must have documented everything from Laoag airport down the last step from Ilocos. I’ll be sharing a selected worthy pictures/images, to make this virtual trip informative to some of the readers.
we were capturing Centennial Airport’s door security
Image Source: Fort Ilocandia
Fort Ilocandia Resorts is an upper class beach resort famous among expatriates. The resort hotel complex is composed of five buildings, made of Spanish-inspired architecture and finished in cool red bricks. It has 267 rooms with private balconies offering a view of the sea and possessing the features and qualities of Ilocano century-old quarters and constructed to accentuate the antiquity of a colonial house.
3 days – Buffet breakfast was so facinating
Ilokano foodie like bagnet, pinakbet or anything with bagoong!
we’re off to market
client presentation with Fort Ilocandia management
Laoag isn’t white sand, it’s just the sun on its highest point 🙂
pictures are deceiving though!
golf course
is curiously occupied by Koreans 🙂
see the winds?
“nadadala ako ng hangin!”
 looking for my surf board hahaha! 🙂
Check out the  waves! 🙂
Fort Ilocandia Resorts
Barangay 37, Calayab, Laoag City
Ilocos Norte 2900, Philippines


Widus Resort and Casino

Hotel Vida

Clark Pampanga

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This was the 2nd time to stay in Hotel Vida Clark, Pampanga. Drei a year older was able to enjoy swimming. Using her arm floater she nows navigates by herself. Floats and soak her head under the water. The thing about Hotel Vida, they are not so crowded. Most of the guest are usually foreigners – specifically Korean, mainly because its operated by Korean management. Hotel concierge is a mix between Filipinos and Korean manning the front desk. Within the resort lies the the Casino Widus and soon to open for the public the Widus Convention Center.

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