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Philippines are rich in natural resources that even foreign capitalists/investors digs and earns from our territories way back since the Spaniards rules the country (reasons why land-grabbing went to high-profile businessman,) In fact high-end beaches and resorts here are leased or owned by foreign nationals, they have the money to roll out big projects making the most percentage of average Filipinos embraced being a blue-collared employee sheepishly.

From our previous trip from Palawan (yes the resort was owned by no less than foreigners) we came across an abundant pearl vendors across the resort bay. These pearls are extra ordinary (study the ways how to validate authentic pearls), if you are a pearl junkie those pieces can be bought from established stores in Manila at a jack up price, almost triple the cost! The merchants in Palawan provides payment options to buyers, they accept credit card payments. What’s good about this business ideas is that you can actually resell the gems with a lucrative profit. Even rice-pearls and pearl rejects are available at very affordable cost. The next time you hit the ocean-floor adventure, manage your ability to unwind (leisure) and rewind you entrepreneurship (opportunities) skills. Nothing hurts in doing small business. In fact, we encourage you to maximize your human investment – IDEAS to start earning and saving up! Don’t just rely on foreign investors reaching out for employment (or money down the drain with expenses you made every time you booked for that travel getaway). Make the most out of it!, created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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