Market Place: Christmas Gift Suggestions for Kids

Christmas Gift Suggestions for Kids

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It’s the season of the year to spend out that hard-earned savings, blame the Western culture why Christmas is an absolute shopping (shocking) arena for Filipinos. The culture before was to celebrate with “sharing, giving” the simplest way unlike today, the manner how people aggressively spends on gifts to impress and (once again drained you from the bucket list which often they don’t mind). Some curate it positively with karma effect — the more you give, the more you received (hence there is greed from that karma). Otherwise it could have been — the more you give, the least you expect (correlate to nothing); or the more you give, is because you genuinely received massive from your previous earnings (from the likes of Pork Barrel earners).

Here are more draining Christmas Gift Suggestions for Kids (let alone the poor stand with eyes wide open, without nothing to eat nor even shelter to spend the Christmas eve). Cheers to the Christmas fever!

Tickets to theater plays (children theme)
Tickets to interactive museums
Barbie and her unending product release that salivates the prodigal daughters
Monster High dolls (Gothic and emo dolls)
ATVs for Kids
Thomas and friends
Lego blocks
Blocks and building toys
Brainy Baby products
Hasbro toys
Fisher Price toys
Gadgets – why kids eradicate “the love for reading” and the “behave yourself here’s the iPad”
eBooks – why publishing companies closed down
Engaging puzzles (difficult level)
Boardgames – kids totally forget (and parents who does not push the ideas)
Wooden toys – applies only to toddlers
Books, creative books, interactive books, Goddamn books to help your child grow and improve intelligently
musical instruments (not musical toys) – second best thing after books, be sure he child will have interest on it

cool new shoes – the limited edition
Awesome clothes
Arts and crafts materials
Wrist watches instead of darn plastic toy watch
Radio, music players and music CDs – to develop music genres
Digital camera – introduce basic photography, created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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