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The best time to enjoy Manila Ocean Park’s Oceanarium is to come early. Get ahead of the line or you might want to consider buying ticket in advance (check out Manila Ocean Park website for group package discount). MOP also join online deals on group buying sites, these can save you a few bucks. Wear light and comfortable clothes where kids can move around despite the humid weather at the bayside. Bring mineral water or energy drink (like Gatorade) to quench thirst.

Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 1
Oceanarium – image:


The Oceanarium is the first and largest aquarium facility in the Philippines, with a wide variety of species, such as sharks, fishes & invertebrates indigenous to the Philippines & Southeast Asia. It’s a 25-meter long underwater tunnel, surrounded by awesome creatures. 

Every section/area was named locally to manifest social awareness:
It start from:

  • Agos (Flow)
  • Bahura (Reef)
  • Laot (Fishing Ground)
  • Buhay ng Karagatan (The Living Ocean)
  • Ang Kalaliman (The Deep)
  • Pagi (Stingray)
  • Pating (Shark)

Oceanarium’s 2nd level is an activity area where you can find (1) Fish Spa, (2) Shark Viewing Area & (3) Glass Bottom Boat Area. Multimedia facility are designed for kids and it can be seen at main area. Oceanarium is largely an educational facility. It’s information, education, and communications campaign includes an interactive educational program within tha facility that is aimed at inculcating love for the environment among the youth. Among a myriad of topics, it will likewise contain vital information on climate change and global warming as well as its effects on marine biodiversity.

Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 2
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 3
man-made vines 
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 4
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 5
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 6
starfish & a little star =)
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 7
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 8
flashlight fish
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 9
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 10
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 11
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 12
shark attacks
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 13
Drei’s signature naughty face
Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium [April 2010] 14
’til next time!

Visiting Manila Ocean Park on summer season was very challenging. This was the time I carried tons of weight from the gadgets, child kits and stuff and even carrying the baby. After that day, I was so exhausted I want to go back the hotel and rest all throughout. With the stress I got from the Oceanarium walk, nothing can compare from a child’s smile — her adventures and encounters with the sea animal. Not to mention, dropping by Luneta Park and tryin’ hard to fly a giant kite after the MOP walkathon.

Til next time!

Adult (Regular) Php 400
Kid Php 350

The Manila Ocean Park

Behind the Quirino Grandstand
Luneta, Manila, Philippines
(t) (+632) 567.7777

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