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www.deville.com [June 2012]

*deiville.info has been sold to a third party since June 2011, any images with deiville.info watermarks (blog posts can be access originally from deiville.blogspot.com upon request; raw images are available from my private archives) is owned and copyrighted by Green Dei of  www.deiville.com.

” Yes I used to owned deiville.info until it went berserk!
Ignore images with watermarks (.info)
In the meantime let’s bring out that fresh juice! 🙂 “

This page acts as an online journal with focused on consumers and how each product marketing revolves around its users. We often heard “the truth in advertising” in reality its just a matter boosting up a brand. I maybe wrong, but that’s how I digest brand inputs. They could be popular, influential, economical and yes hidden “lies” beneath the colors and fame.

deiville.com engineers blog articles subject with honest opinions about brand awareness, health-issues, selected advocacies, conceptual art, Philippine travel destination, Philippine leisure and activities:

  • Consumer Campaign
  • Brand Management
  • Theme Parks and Recreation
  • Local Travels, Hotel Accommodations, and Places to stay and things to do

Deiville is the sub-ego of I.am.Dial. [my name is deiville and Dial put into one] it may sound chaotic to you but it sounds normal to me — this is the world I managed to survived.

deiville.com is the deiville in me 🙂 Stick around!
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