Feedbacks for Kinderheim for Incoming Nursery/Kinder

For School Year 2011-2012

Kinderheim Preschool and Grade School in Quezon City

Schools in Metro Manila
Schools in Quezon City (District II)
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This school year 2011-2012, we did research and ocular inspection on some progressive schools for my incoming toddler in Quezon City. Factors include: must have a progressive method , vicinity, environment [mosquito-free], teaching approach, tuition fee rates comparison and the list goes on from a curious parent.
Feedbacks for Kinderheim for Incoming Nursery/Kinder

We came across two possible early childhood preschools: Kinderheim & Kinderhaus.

Both have gained positive reviews from parents, the only cons I have with Kinderhaus was its location. We are from the Diliman area while Kindehaus is in the South Triangle, whereas Kinderheim is conveniently just a few meters across our village. If Kinderhaus raves a higher over-all score, I consider the travel hours and traffic a bit torture to us. 
All schools are okay, you just have to choose what approach a parent prefers, kids are born smart, it’s a matter of early guidance for them to lead the right path.
Meanwhile here’s the summarized Kinderheim Pre-School & Grade School tuition & fees for SY 2011-2012:
Pre-School Level      Annual       Semestral  Monthly 
Daycare                  PhP45,460  PhP47,184   PhP48,910
Nursery/Kinder/Prep PhP46,440  PhP48,164   PhP49,890
Grade School Level  Annual       Semestral  Quarterly
Grade 1                  PhP45,510  PhP46,774   PhP48,038
Grade 2                  PhP45,050  PhP46,314   PhP47,578
Grade 3                  PhP45,210  PhP46,474   PhP47,738
Grade 4                  PhP45,400  PhP46,664   PhP47,930
Grade 5                  PhP45,470  PhP46,734   PhP48,000
Grade 6                  PhP45,810  PhP47,074   PhP48,340
Fees includes: 
Student Services/Medical/Insurance
Fieldtrip/Events/Class Pictures
School Kit/Drill Sheets
Kinderheim offers: 
  • Latest programme design for quality basic education
  • Modern teaching methods and facilities
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Limited students per class [max. 18] for closer supervision
  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Spacious and well secured waiting area
  • Accredited by the Bureau of Immigration to accept foreign students.
  • Air-conditioned school bus service exclusive for Kinderheim
35 Holy Spirit Drive
Don Antonio Heights
Holy Spirit, Quezon City
[t] 931.0233
UPDATES (June 2011)
We did not enroll in any of the schools mentioned above, instead our daughter went to Early Literacy Clinic (ELC) in New Capitol Estates I, Quezon City. Inside the village lives one of the best progressive preschools in Quezon City. 🙂 We will be posting separated features about Early Literacy Clinic soon., created by Green Dei (Daryll Villena)
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10 thoughts on “Feedbacks for Kinderheim for Incoming Nursery/Kinder”

  1. >Grabe, ang mahal na pala ngayon, kinder pa lang yan. Tsk, tsk… Ibig sabihin hindi pa nakagraduate ng high school ang anak, mga isang milyong piso na ang gagastahin sa education niya. Hay…

  2. >progressive learning methods are really the best. though more expensive than others. hope i can find progressive learning schools in our area. thanks for sharing the info 😀

  3. >progressive learning methods are really the best. though more expensive than others. hope i can find progressive learning schools in our area. thanks for sharing the info 😀

  4. >@ Marikoy: you said it sis, we only have 1 kid so far, what else if they are 7 siblings? =)@Jona: where's your location sis?

  5. >Grabeh! Sobrang mahala naman ng private school jan, kaso naman kung sa public mo ipapasok ang anak mo,sa dami ng student, baka wala na ring matutunan!

  6. >hi 🙂 tanong ko lang for their daycare ilang taon ang accepted age? 🙂 malapit lang din kami sa Kinderheim 🙂 thanks

  7. hello, may i ask ur update from ELC already the place and was able to talk to teacher mimi..i am impressed just need feedback for info gathering. thanks

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