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Get to Know More About Super Cuts Franchising

Deiville would like to thank Super Cuts for collaborating with us with basic inputs about business franchising in relation to hair care services.

Wise businessman opt for franchising businesses mainly because these brands have bench-marked a name in a particular field of industry. Most of the works (operations) and marketing strategy is supported and back-up by the company.

Super Cuts Franchising is one great example in leveraging their business with proper brand positioning: availability, accessibility, customer support, consumer needs/wants and quality service. Today Super Cuts is widely known in hair care industry and its location-wide franchising outlets.

Why Super Cuts Franchising?
Why hair-care industry in particular?

Just like basic commodities, hair needs to be instantly taken care of and everyone literally requires a proper hair cut not just once but randomly in five to eight (or even more) times in a year. Because hair care industry is a need-based business, not a want-based business. It’s an important personal hygiene towards self-improvement, everyone needs a haircut (esp. on a bad hair day!). Unlike for women (say) she wants a new hair pair of stiletto which correlates to her being fancy on shoes, without any sense of “need.” Franchising in a hair care industry appears to be a stable and profitable market.

“Cutting Hair cannot be made technologically obsolete.”
-Super Cuts

Super Cuts offers franchising to anyone who believes this type of business is NOT only for hairstylist, but for business-minded people who are into providing hair care services. Owning part of Super Cuts means you are in charge of running the business and you will hire people (licensed professional) to perform the services.

Joining Super Cuts franchise does not require a large number of people, it implements a low inventory cost and operating hours are submerge to a reasonable time-table. The business concept of franchising requires the franchisee to pay the upfront fee to start running the business. Once operational, as co-owner of the brand you get a percentage of total sales. At the back-end, the franchisor provides full product/services support (training) and operating knowledge (marketing). Super Cuts has created its niche in the hair cut services, marketing-wise the brand is already on top of the list and little effort in managing advertising strategy for your franchise would be helpful to spread more buzz. Online, Super Cuts is widely famous on web and mobile presence. The brand’s activity can be seen in all types of media. Think about in getting through a business, entrepreneurship or owning a business means you have the time in your hands. Careful planning and right amount of marketing makes a business financially successful.


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