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ROUND-UP on Premier Thought Leaders Conference – The Next Best Selling Authors
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We spent the whole day of learning and fun interaction at yesterday’s conference from Premier Thought Leaders – The Next Best Selling Authors. My blogging partner of that day was teacher Ia Adam Lim of Special Education Philippines, together we’ve set up Blogger’s Corner (us being a part of Driven Syndic8 – a group I initially created for bloggers using Facebook platform). This event marks our very first blogging activity which aims to maximize our social media influence. We were given a Blogger’s booth at Be the Big Boss Summit last July 2013, with lack of planning and coordination among bloggers with different field. I assume it was a wasted opportunity. So given the second chance, Ia and I started our first gig entrepreneurship through maximizing our social media presence.

premier thought leaders

As we listen from the notable speakers about the long-term advises in handling personal finance, we went out there with high hopes to flourish our blogging partnership. It starts with begin in mind perspectives, how to increase our blog’s brand and awareness. Ia and I came up with an idea of gathering Facebook likes and raffle out simple tokens, books and loots. Even the organizer – Whiteboard Learning came up with free CDs and books for our Blogger’s booth.

How do we do it?
1. Participants should have a Facebook account to log-in.

2. In random orders click like at the following Facebook Pages:
Special Education Philippines
School Talk (Organizer)
Whiteboard Learning (Organizer)

3. Pick a prize from our fish bowl!

Collectively we gained organic followers and brand awareness, not bad for first timers! Although we need to improve on it, next time we will use Rafflecopter to ease up Business Page location. And technical problems like internet connectivity disturbs the flow of people lining up, which we do not have full control.

Overall, we’ve enjoyed the engagement and I’m looking forward to DO THIS AGAIN! 🙂
In line with this, I’m calling for future sponsors who has the same energy to join with us and be part of our social media marketing. You may reached us through email at your most convenient time.

By the way, my online giveaways winners for Premier Thought Leaders Giveaways attended the event. Thank you guys!

About the conference:
The books are all worth reading, I’ve finished Paulo Tibig’s Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur andby Jayson Lo’s YOUnique book, I have yet to read the others as well. I admire Yeng Remulla’s approach on being a Productive Pinoy. While Randell Tiongson made sense with his stories validated with humor, facts and figures. Dennis Sy have also shown a lively and interesting talk about “savings”. I have yet to conquer Marvin Germo’s Stock Smart because I am stucked with expenses for now and needs a lot of saving strategies for my family’s future investments.

premier thought leaders

On entrepreneurship, finally realizing a long-time business dream about setting up our own restaurant or maybe printing shop. It’s a plan that never resurface because of hindrances like capital investment and lack of determination. A few of our relatives are into music, and  we figured out of putting up an online hub for such needs aiming for amateur musicians and students as well. Until the time we collectively “SAVE UP” the realization will rise, for the meantime we need motivation and a lot of guts to limit unnecessary expenditures. Thanks to the guys from premier thought leaders confee, we learn a lot of pointers to live by,

Great talk for every folks. Minimize spending and begin to contemplate on our retirement. Savings, savings, savings. Let money not be a burden, but a path to enjoy life’s simple joys and contentment.

Thank you Whiteboard Learning and School Talk for sponsoring my online giveaways and our Blogger’s Corner.


Photos of the symposium Premier Though Leaders can be viewed over at the following sites:
Deiville Facebook Page –
Deiville Photobucket –

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