DIY Traditional Igorot Costume for Buwan ng Wika

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Make your own traditional Filipino Costume
DIY Igorot Costume for Buwan Ng Wika Celebration

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Young girls are fun to dress-up and play with different characters, but with Ifugao costume for Buwan ng Wika school events I am more excited for parents to dress up their little boys with this traditional Filipino costume, the Igorot costume. Why? Most young boys frequently look safe with their minimalist outfit made of red cotton pants, white shirt (camiso de chino), red scarf and salakot; and of course with barong tagalog. Igorot costume is easy to assemble if your on a budget, plus you will achieve a look unique for your child.

DIY Traditional Igorot Costume for Buwan ng Wika
DIY Traditional Igorot Costume for Buwan ng Wika

The basic materials needed are:

  • weave cloth or the Igorot textile (skirt for girls; “bahag” for boys) – can be bought by the yards, price starts at Php150 per yard (cost from Commonwealth Market in Quezon City). They have two color versions, one in red and the other in blue.
    For the boys, if your child won’t agree with plain bahag only, let them wear skin tone leotard leggings to get that authentic Igorot look.
  • plain black or skin tone leotard – I prefer the black for girls, but if you intend to use skin tone color, make a separate tube with similar textile from your skirt.
  • beaded accessories – wooden bead necklace, dangling bead earrings, friendship bands both knitted or beaded
  • head piece – Igorot cloth is fine, but you can improvise with anything that resembles the stripe print like a stretchable head band or scarf, or knitted band.
  • Footwear – “yapak” or bare foot is the natural look, but then again kids nowadays will most probably reject the idea. 🙂
    So settle for native slippers or abaca sandals.
  • Native woven bag (optional) – this is the backpack from Baguio

For middle school child fit, a  1.5 to 2 yards is enough to make an overlap skirt. Sew the edges so it won’t rip apart. Measure the waistline and set the edges (around the hip) to shape the skirt. You can make use of snap tape and buttons to secure the skirt.

For the boy’s bahag, since I only I made girl’s skirt. I suggest you ask a tailor/seamstress and bring a model copy of exact thing. Our cutter’s basic charge for Igorot skirt is Php150.

Working budget for this Igorot costume:
Igorot cloth 1.5 yards = 225
Black leotard = 150
Cutter = 150
Abaca sandals = 90 Marikina made
Accessories – from my closet
Head piece – from my closet

TOTAL expenses = Php525

The usual ready-to-wear (RTW) Igorot costume ranges from 550 to 750.


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