Get your NSO Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate in less than 30 minutes

Serbilis Center- East Avenue
Philippine Government Agencies

Manila, Philippines – NSO document walk-in application is recommended for those who needs multiple copies of birth certificates request. Online application cost P350 per document/certificate and will guarantee delivery within 2-4 business days, I tried the service last 2009, although payment will still need to be done thru bank deposits. For 2016 I’ll be requesting for 5 NSO documents, visiting the Philippine Statistics Authority office or Census in East Avenue do consider the traffic congestion at any givem time. This road leads to EDSA-GMA Kamuning so expect heavy traffic on weekdays. But as soon as you reach NSO the processing will take less than 30 minutes to complete. I was amazed how fast Census service has improved.

 photo PhotoGrid_1453025900126_1.jpg

To start with:
Step 1: Get Application Form and Queue from from Information Marshall. Form are color-coded:
White – birth
Pink – marriage
Yellow – death
Green – certificate of no marriage

Accomplished Application Form with the required information.

IMPORTANT: Have your BReN ( Birth Reference Number) ready. BReN can be seen at the lower part of your birth certificate, placed at thr center.

Show your AF to BReN Screener, they will lead you to BReN Window for payment ( Window 47) and wait for about 3 minutes to call your name for the results and releasing of documents at Window 48.

If you don’t have or don’t know your BReN, you will be asked to proceed to Step 2 Screening Area A.

For the documents I requested I only paid P 700, includes 3 birth certificates and 2 copies of marriage contract.

For complete details of applicable fees and requirements you may check

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Metro Manila Shake Drill on July 30, 2015 Lead by Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

Disaster Preparedness
Safety Information
Philippine Government Agencies

Metro Manila Shake Drill is a metro-wide Earthquake Drill happening on July 30, 10:30 AM, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), with multi-sector cooperation from schools, business, government agencies, and religious organizations. This will increase the metro’s chances of better recovery and implementation of contingencies in the event of earthquakes.
 photo mmda-metr-manila-shake-drill-disaster-preparedness.png
Use hashtag #mmshakedrill (twitter and facebook) when sharing your preparations and experiences

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How to Apply for a Firearms License in the Philippines
Step by Step Procedure in Securing Firearms License and Permits in the Philippines

LTOAPF and PTCFOR applications
DI Clearance by the Directorate for Intelligence
Neuro-Psychiatric Test by Health Service
Drug Test by the Crime Laboratory
NBI Clearance
Finance Service

The government’s Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO) is yet to deliver an Internet-based streamline processing of application for both licensing and permit acquisition. There has been talks from FEO to upgrade its information technology system by the end of 2015 to accommodate the LTOPF, as mandated by Republic Act No. 10591, the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Law of 2013. Streamlining the application process for the License To Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF) and Permit To Carry Firearms Outside Residence (PTCFOR) to deal with some of the protest of gun owners that license requirements are “redundant and excessive.”
 photo How to Apply for a Firearms License in the Philippines.jpg

Under the new gun control law, all firearm owners—even those with current gun licenses—are required to first obtain an LTOPF, which is similar to a driver’s license, before they can own a gun. Under the old system, a gun owner got licenses and permits to carry for each gun.

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PH Rescue and Emergency Hotlines

For emergency assistance these are the hotlines to remember, you may call, SMS (text) or tweet.

Philippines Government Agencies
Safety Information
Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Hotlines

National Disaster and Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) hotlines
Trunklines: 911-5061 to 65
Operations Center: (02)911-1406, (02)912-2665, (02)912-5668,(02) 911-1873

NDRRMC hotlines for Luzon
Office of Civil Defense – National Capital Region: (02) 421-1918/ (02) 913-2786
Office of Civil Defense – Region I: (072) 607-6528
Office of Civil Defense – Region IV-A: (049) 531-7266
NDRRMC Region IV-B: (043) 723-4248
NDRRMC – Cordillera Administrative Region: (074) 304-2256, (074) 619-0986, (074) 444-5298, (074) 619-0986

Office of the Civil Defense regional office telephone directory
Region I: (072) 607-6528, (072) 700-4747
Region II: (078) 304-1630, (078) 304-1631
Region III: (045) 455-1526, (045) 455-0033
Region IV-A: (049) 834-4344, (049) 531-7266, TF (049)531-7279
Region IV-B: (043) 723-4248, (043) 702-9361
Region V: (052) 742-1176
+63917-574-7880 (Globe)
+63928-505-3861 (Smart)
Region VI: (033) 336-9353, (033) 337-6671, (033) 509-7319
Region VII: (032) 416-5025, (032) 253-6162, (032) 253-8730
+63917-947-5666 (Globe)
+63949-471-0009 (Smart)
Region VIII: +63917-700-1121 (Globe)
+63915-762-2368 (Globe)
Region IX: (062) 911-1631, (062) 925-0458, (062) 9913450
Region X: (088) 857-3907, (088) 857-3988 (Telefax)
Region XI: (082) 233-0295, (082) 233-0611 (Telefax)
Region XII: (083) 552-9759, (083) 553-2994, (083) 301-2994
+63917-628-3720 (Globe)
+63920-976-4001 (Smart)
CAR: (074) 3042256, (074) 6190986, (074) 4445298
CARAGA: (085) 342-8753
National Capital Region: (02) 913-2786 or (02) 421-1918

Philippine National Police (PNP) hotline patrol
Hotline: 117 Police Assistance (including fire and ambulance assistance)
Text hotline: 0917-847-5757

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Step By Step Procedure in Applying NBI e-Clearance
for Old and New Applicants based in Metro Manila

Philippines Government Agencies
Online Application

When applying for an NBI e-Clearance, log on to
(National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) UPDATES 2013 E-Clearance, Renewal Centers, Requirements, Application, Downloadable Form and Online Inquiry Tips) or at

NBI e-Clearance: Online Application Procedure
1. Pay at the nearest Globe Business Center
Pay through your GCASH Account. If you don’t have gcash account, you can pay through Cash-in Cash-out Centers of Globe. Just give them the NBI GCash number 0917-5638053.
Note: An additional PhP25 is charge by Globe as service fee. Hence, 140 + 25 = PhP 165 total amount to pay. Issued in separate receipts.

2. Visit nbi-online ( for the online application of NBI e-Clearance.
Please be reminded that if you pay on GCash Centers, you should fill in the Date Registered Field which is the date that is indicated on your receipt. Disregard the Mobile Number Field.

3. Book via SMS.

4. Go to your booking schedule for the fingerprints, picture taking and printing of clearance and receipt. Your online application will take about 20-30 minutes of entering your date.”

From nbi-online (, here’s an image guide in filling up the form and submission.
1. Enter Reference number and email address.

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National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) UPDATES 2013
E-Clearance, Renewal Centers, Requirements, Application, Downloadable Form and Online Inquiry Tips

Philippines Government Agencies
Online Application

Thousands of Filipinos buy the idea of traditional methods when transacting with government offices. In fact, the community is so used to it that they managed to pull things off despite the difficulties like accepting to fall in line (in a irrational long lines), slow and manual service, the tropical weather of the country, the traffic, and sometimes mistreatment of government employees. The bureau showed a significant improvement on online print solutions of the clearance itself, in fact it can create prints in a few minutes. But in terms of service, the system needs to approach and educate the community how to use the online tool to simplify life in general.

Today, I visited Quezon City Hall to seek NBI renewal (I last applied 2008) not that I like to experience time and again the mentioned old ways. Given the benefit of the doubt, I arrived as early as 8AM to look for NBI satellite office (which from time to time transfers office within the Quezon City Hall) the department could be refer as NPA (No Permanent Address) sometimes in Gate 2, after a year in Gate 1,and so on. Today 2013 NBI satellite office in QC can be found in Gate 5, right at the back of Justice Hall. I melt when I saw the busy lines of applicants under the heat of the sun, just imagined it was just 8AM and people smells like they’ve started working in a construction site earlier. The stall vendors told me some even arrived as early as 3AM! Just to be able to grab the first spot, oh dear that moment I felt like I will collapse if I continue with the line brawl. I decided to go home and search once more and diligently drew my attention to NBI E-Clearance.”

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A Personal Journey as an Exam Taker at Civil Service Exam last April 14, 2013

Career Service Professional Examination
Paper-and-Pencil Test (PPT)
CSE-PPT Passers
Civil Service Examination Result April 2013
Philippines Government Agencies

2013 Examination Results
View CSE-PPT passers here

I took the civil service exam last April 14, 2013 in a public school somewhere in Cubao, Quezon City. A career shift I never plan to get myself into, but when opportunity knocks who are we to ignore change! 🙂

Was supposed to join the Civil Service Examination 3 years ago, due to time constraints I finally did April 2013. Armed with confidence (hahaha!), self-knowledge, common sense and without stuff to review. I conquered a grueling Career Service Professional Examination scheduled for 3 hours (from 8AM to 11AM). My notice came two (2) days before the exam, add up the 3 weeks I followed up via text brigade and emails. CS stuff will send you SMS (text) and and email pertaining to your Online Notice of School Assignment (NOSA) to be printed out and bring during the examination day.

SMS Message:
“This is to inform you that you have been conditionally admitted to take the CS Professional Exam to be held on April 14, 2013, 6:60 a.m. at Room No. 14 of R. MAGSAYSAY (Cubao) HIGH SCHOOL, EDSA (In Front of NEPA Q MART) Q.C.
Note: On exam day, bring the same ID submitted during filing of application, lead pencil #2 and ballpen.”

Career Service Professional Examination
The actual examination started at exactly 8AM. however, we were advised to settle in at least 7AM to accomplish a master list’s (assigned per room, per batch) filling up complete names, important personal details and thumbprints. The total number items to be shaded are 150, first 20 questions are about your personal details (with auto-correct answers). The rest of the questionnaire for Professional Level includes vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension, analogy, logic, and numerical reasoning; both in English and Filipino format.

Items about General Information, which include the following areas: Philippine Constitution, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R.A. 6713), Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concepts, and Environment Management and Protection are seen on the last part of the examination.

For this year, honestly I was a slacker and over-confident. 🙂 I thought I’ve read enough and have retain vocabularies on my nutshells since the day I started to comprehend phonemes and words on early years of my education. But that was years and years ago (you don’t want to know!). The Civil Service Examination is largely made up of analogy and problem-solving, I was saying to myself – “immersing yourself from your parenting blogging conferences about Galileo Math, Singapore Math and BrainFit, you must have to deal with it easier compare to others!” Aha! I did well with the problem solving (as far as I know), but my nature says I really don’t like polynomials, trigonometry, heck with math jargons! So I focus on vocabulary, grammar and correct usage. But alas! the vocabularies shown would not even appear in searches made from Google 🙂 Unless you apply advanced keyword search. The only word I remember was “volatile” because I uses it more often from my blog’s disclosure. Filipino questions appear thrice or at the end each category.

I’ve read wild reactions of Civil Service Exam takers, true to their words – it was really difficult for this batch, take my word for it! The examinees are waving ears for a modest tip they can get from the moderator announced with the use of special tools (to avoid vulgarity LOL) like best pbone at wwbw or from a mega phone maybe, we didn’t get any.

There’s a policeman in uniform from our batch; he finished first and the moderator liberally asked him “are you sure you don’t want to review your answers?” He replied back “Ma’am pang ilan take ko na po yan, sana naman swertehin na!” I went out of the room in third position by 10:30AM (that’s because I give way to a lady) not merely bragging about it, but I was trying to beat the clock. The moderator said if we finished by 10:45AM, we need to wait until 11AM in order to get out as per advised by Civil Service Commission. Can’t wait that long, my back was aching due to prolong seating and the ventilation system (electric fan was cracking up) was unbearable. I hope the others survived (focus and attention) amidst the humid and distraction of summer heat.


Civil Service Examination Result for April 14, 2013
The Philippine Civil Service Commission (CSC) will release the results of April 14, 2013 Civil Service Exam Paper-and-Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) in about 1 and 1/2 month or a total of 45 days according to the announcement by the CSC during the examination.

Other source reports Civil Service Examination Result for April 14, 2013 will be release 3 to 4 months from the date of examination. This year the result is said to release on earlier date, according to CSC they have upgraded the system and would try its best to post the result on time.

Complete list of Civil Service Exam Paper-and-Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) passers will be announce and posted at the official website of the Civil Service Commission and through this website. We will upload a copy of the Civil Service Examination Result for April 14, 2013.For easier reference, list of passers will be posted per regions.

The Civil Service Exam Paper-and-Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) is a general ability diagnostic test outlined to assess a person’s preparedness to enter a government service. Career Service Eligibility requires a passing score of 80% or higher, a basic requirement to obtain permanent appointment in the Philippine government office.

Check our links more often for  updates of Civil Service Examination Result for April 14, 2013

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Health Talk
MSD Philippines and DOH go full circle for 6th Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Health Talk
Brand Management
Mind and Body

The Department of Health (DOH), in a public-private partnership with MSD Philippines and medical societies, is now on its sixth year of raising awareness and providing free cervical cancer screening programs nationwide. For the sixth run of its Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) activities this May, both the DOH and MSD are going beyond just screening. This year, the awareness is going full circle — from prevention to treatment.

Free cervical cancer screening will be offered to women aged 30-49 years old in 58 DOH-retained hospitals nationwide for the whole month of May.

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