23rd AFAD Defense & Sporting Arms Show 2015

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The most awaited annual gun show was held last June 11-15, 2015 at Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall. The event showcases Philippines’ firearms enthusiast to top gun makers as well as Filipino fabricated firearms. The 23rd DSAS displayed all range of firearms and ammunition and lined up special features:
 photo 23rd-AFAD-Defense-Sporting-Arms-Show-2015 .jpg

  • Firearms and ammunition display

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Summer Activities For Kids this 2015

Summer Activities
Philippine Education
Manila Activities
Philippine Sports
Mind and Body

UPDATED: April 6, 2015

Hey parents! Spend your kid’s summer with worthwhile activities, please set aside excessive plays with your pre-approved hand-held devices. No those gadgets like ipads, tablets, xbox won’t add up knowledge during the development stage they’re at it now. You’ve seen how Steve Jobs and his crew managed to educate their children. They were not allowed to get hooked on consumer gadgets their parents invented, why not? Because the key to educate children depends on the architectural process. How kids absorbed ideas, recreate ideas or come up with an idea of their OWN that isn’t fed by technology made by adults ahead of them. Instead the children are engage in building concepts through orientation with objects, with people and their surroundings.

We’ve compiled 2015 summer activities and programs to engage your child with meaningful play and vacation. Here’s a list we have gathered, we will update the lists from time to time. Note that starting this year we wont include workshops from fast-food establishments and the likes. The 2015 list wanted to focus more on workshops about arts and interesting  activities.

National Bookstore Fun Summer Activities
FREE workshop
From April 11 to May 3 weekends 2-5PM
Registration at Customer Service counter at 10:00 during the day of workshop. First come, first served.
Website: http://www.nationalbookstore.com.ph/2015-fun-summer-schedule/?___store=nationalbookstore
 photo national-bookstore-summer-workshop-parenting-01.jpg

School of Fun Things: Kids’ Crafts Program
Fully Booked Greenhills and Bonifacio High Street
Instructor – Mr. Alex Manabat
This summer’s Kids’ Crafts Program is composed of a total of 4 sessions. It will be conducted 2-5pm in Fully Booked Greenhills on Fridays (April 10,17,24, May 1) and in Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street on Saturdays (April 11, 18, 25, and May 2).

Fee – Php700 per session, Php2,500 package
Registration and payment at Customer Service Counter of Fully Booked in  Greenhills or BGC stores
Website: http://www.fullybookedonline.com/

 photo soft-school-of-fun-things-summer-workshop.png

UP CHK Community Recreation Program (UP CHK ComRec)
Address: Ylanan Gymnasium, Ylanan Street, UP Diliman, 1101 Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: 929-6033 ; 981-8500 loc 4130
Email: upchkcomrec@yahoo.com
Website: www.upchkcomrec.weebly.com
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Summer Activities For Kids this 2014

Summer Activities
Philippine Education
Manila Activities
Philippine Sports
Mind and Body

We’ve compiled 2014 summer activities and programs to engage your child with meaningful play and vacation. Here’s a list I have gathered:


Milo Summer Sport Clinics:
Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Chess, Football, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Karatedo, Swimming, Taekwondo, Table Tennis, Tennis and Volleyball. For schedules and venues refer to website.

MILO® Summer Sports Clinics is an annual program set up by MILO® to encourage school children to make the best of their summer by learning sports. Offering only 5 sports clinics at the start, it now has 13 sports programs, each with an array of schedules and venues children and their parents can choose from. Training is handled by able and expert coaches and instructors who use the modern, scientific approach. More importantly, they incorporate character-forming lessons in their program. So children not only learn champion moves but champion values — determination, discipline, teamwork, perseverance, hard work, respect, and confidence — to help make them winners on and off the court.
Website: http://milo.com.ph/ssc/
 photo summer-2014-activities-for-kids-deiville-03.jpg

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Summer Activities For Kids this 2013

Summer Activities
Philippine Education
Manila Activities
Philippine Sports
Mind and Body

Philippines is beginning to feel the summer heat as the school year ends and laid back days for the children is about to begin. Most children and young adult will spend the long and lazy phase as they juggle around different summer activities for kids that are worth spending. Home-based recreation and pastime may attract boredom and redundancy such watching TV, video and online games. Alternative summer activities outside your home are an ideal form of learning and at the same time having fun in honing the natural talents of your child. Let their creative minds and abilities shine as they explore their growing years. Expose the children to a creative approach to properly sharpen the imagination by letting them join  workshops, summer camps, enrichment studies and other exciting summer activities.

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Momsky Flies to London for
London Olympic Games 2012

With Procter & Gamble


This year London Olympic Games 2012 will bring noise and loud cheers as we support Filipino athletes representing our country, Philippines. As families and friends and the Filipino troops will fly to London to  experience the fun thrills of sportsmanship and bonding all together.  Going to London even for a few days will rock my travel adventures, what makes it lovelier is to spend it with your family. What we crave from United Kingdom’s diversified culture, resources, and its people — they can manage their time efficiently in between work and leisure. Plus given the fact that they are inclined to literature and arts that is uniquely English, in a way other nationals tried to emulate.

Come end of July, the world will cheer for the London Olympic Games 2012 in the UK’s Isles of Wonder, Procter & Gamble, the Proud Sponsor of Moms celebrated a milestone for Melita Barriga a simple housewife from Davao and the mother of our Filipino boxer – London 2012 Olympic qualifier, Mark Barriga. We celebrated a moment in which her support and diligence as a mom is fulfilled as her son’s accomplishment is realized when he walked into the roaring crowds at the Parade of Colors bearing the Philippine Flag on his uniform.

To help one whose efforts for the past 18 years has brought us an athlete that the country can surely be proud of in the London Olympic Games 2012, Procter & Gamble, in gratitude for her dedication, is flying Melita Barriga, together with husband Edgar Barriga, to London to enable her to show her love and support to Filipino Boxing representative Mark Barriga simply by cheering for him.

When we we’re kids, we used to daydream about qualifying in the Olympics, being famed in synchronized swimming, tennis or artistic gymnastics maybe are one of many delusions I vividly fabricate. Those dreams and the momentums arises every time I get to watch Olympic games. Do you have that same crazy illusions like mine? 🙂

I am one of the invited media/bloggers to witness the preparation for the family’s trip to the London Olympic Games 2012 where they will see her son’s bouts,  Procter & Gamble held an intimate party over Afternoon Tea at the Manila Peninsula with the participation of the British Council.

The setting of the place emanated the culture of elegance that London is known for, and Ms. Anama Dimapilis, Procter & Gamble Corporate Communications Manager, balanced it with her lively hosting as she emulated the variety of accents to be heard in the bustling city.

“Momsky”, as Melita is lovingly called by her children, learned more general information and some key details about London to get her ready. With the briefing conducted by Mike Cabigon of the British Council, she and husband “Popsky” learned about the London weather, what to wear, the nuances in culture, how to interact with the locals and a crash course on geography and how to get around in the city. They also picked up some words to help them communicate in the language of Londoners, such as the loo for comfort room, lift for elevator, and telly for television. They also learned more about typical English food fare like Fish and Chips and even got to experience tea, fancy little cakes and scones. This will definitely help Momsky when she gets to meet other Moms from all over the globe who, through Procter & Gamble, are also in London to cheer for their athlete children. She will be able to experience this historical event with other moms, and share this momentous occasion with them.

At the end of the program, Procter & Gamble presented them with their passport with UK Visa, jackets, and a care package to help them during their first trip outside of the country. Finally, the British Council gave them a book of games about London and the Olympics to help while their time while on the plane.

Momsky will also be bringing the hopes of those who yearn for the first gold medal for the Philippines, as well as the faith of those who wish that her son fares well. The most important thing that Momsky is bringing to London, however, is the support that she has always provided for Mark Barriga – the love she has always had for her son, the boy that she raised to be an Olympic athlete, through her own rather Olympic feat.

For the London Olympic Games 2012 frenzy, I’ll be updating this post as our very own Mark Barriga and the rest of the  Philippine team progresses to attain the coveted medals and honors to be  able to mark a name in the Olympic history.

More English photos- taken from the Afternoon Tea Party hosted by Procter and Gamble, click here.

“This article is being published in partnership with Procter and Gamble.”


Stellar 2 – The Polecats Manila Recital

Are You Ready To Take The Stage?


Tail-end of the summer is fast approaching, Polecats Manila turns the heat once more with the studio’s amazing students whom they fondly called as “the kittens and tigers” with a group presentation of  pole skills in the upcoming recital entitled “Stellar 2” on June 2, 2012, Saturday – 7:00 p.m. at the AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

Tickets are available at Polecats Manila studio:
Polecats Manila 22nd Floor, Strata 100 F. Ortigas Junior Ortigas, Pasig City

Ticket rates: PhP300, 500 and 800
For more details about the gig and pole classes updates visit Polecats Manila’s Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/PolecatsManila
Polecats Manila: Stellar 2 – Recital

See you there kitties and tomcats!

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Polecats Manila

Polarity Show

Pole dancing has certainly reached an edgier scale, a different taste of entertainment was delivered last night through the stunning performances of Polecats Manila’s Polarity – a 2nd year anniversary show collaborated with the awe-inspiring music from Manila Symphony Orchestra.
Polecats’ Polarity marked an antithesis of opinions and tendencies and re-group itself into one identity. The country’s foremost pole dancing group staged an original sequence of steps and movements backed-up by the Manila Symphony Orchestra‘s OPM music arrangement from the likes of: Eraserheads, Up Dharma Down, PediCab, Sugarfree, Pupil, The Out of Body Special, Sino Sikat, Mr. Bones and The Bornyard Circus.
Guest performances by Parkour Philippines [PKPH] where the jumpers incorporate pole bars with the art and discipline of jumping, vaulting, rolling and climbing. The boys did a great job!
Pole dancing along Manila Symphony’s version of Eraserhead piece
With so much thanks from Kayleen Ortiz and the rest of Polecats Manila for the invites.
Kyleen Ortiz in animal-print tube cocktail dress
and the girls from Polecats Manila
Christina Dy
Founder and Creative Director of Polecats Manila
PKPH better known as Parkour Philippines, flippin’ tumblin’ and playin’ with the poles.
Philamlife Theather

For Polecats Manila videos, you may access here

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Full Disclosure: This article is being published based on my written opinions and source of material. No business relationship involved with any company or organization promoting it. Deiville was invited by Polecats Manila to cover the event.

Polecats Manila
2nd Anniversary Show

Catch Polecats Manila‘s 2nd Anniversary offering entitled: Polarity at Philamlife Theater, October 16, 2011. Performance will start at 8:00 p.m.
Ticket Prices:
PhP1500, 1000 and 800
For tickets you may call: 0917.701-POLE [7653]
Catch them on http://www.facebook.com/PolecatsManila