UP Diliman’s Sunflower Season
Next academic year won’t be the same #SunflowerBlooms

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April, 22, 2014, Quezon City – Time for sunflower picture taking at the stretch of University of the Philippines Diliman as these stunning flowers comes in full bloom this April. What makes it more memorable this year is at the same time as sad news to future graduating UP students as they will embark with UP Diliman’s University Council’s approval of academic calendar shift which meant commencement exercise will be scheduled on June.

 photo UP-Diliman-sunflower-season.jpg
UP Diliman’s Sunflower Season

UP’s graduation is slated on April 27, 2014. Expect the shiny yellow flowers under attack and harassed from cutting the stem and picking the flowers all the way by visitors and appreciative eyes. Continue reading

Divisoria Guide App Available for Download Starting Sept. 6

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Manila, Philippines (September 6, 2013) – A smart shopper will always put Divisoria on it’s top priority, one of the busiest trading and shopping hub for negosyante (entrepreneurs), resellers and cheapskate but indeed practical shoppers like me. I have been an avid Divisoria goer ever since I learned to tap my potential in doing party trinkets for friends; I’m sort of their party idealist. 🙂 In layman’s term I create party themes, giveaways, invitations, back drafts, mementos when desktop publishing back then was impossible and costly. Besides I do it manually and I get my raw materials in Divisoria. Until now it’s never a dull moment when my family shop for stuff at Divz (our self-invented name), it’s like your 5,000 pesos (around $100) can buy almost everything from clothes, accessories, home stuff, food and hobby. But I do lost occasionally when looking for my “suki” hahaha! That’s why I pre-planned my shopping itinerary from the good old map book or sometimes I squeeze-out my best imagination how to get there and orient myself “this is the road to textiles, exit to crafts, Chinese alley to my foodie adventure, spot corner to children’s toys, etc. So many things to remember while arming yourself from pickpockets and staying vigilant all the time.

From this day onward “no more memory lost and wish to get back there but I’m at the opposite side” anyone can snatch the best deals in Manila’s famous marketplace with the help of an app – and without worries of getting lost.

 photo divisoria-guide-app-deiville.jpg
Entrepreneurship: Divisoria Guide App Getting Ready for Christmas Rush 2013
Christmas shopping rush is just around the corner, it’s time to put this app on real-time test! 🙂

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Seda Hotel in Bonifacio Global City (BGC)
Makati City

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Seda exudes fresh concept of an urban lifestyle hotel, located within the area of Bonifacio High Street next to Serendra and BGC’s lifestyle hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It opened last December 2012, the hotel has an ample parking space, in-house restaurant – Misto, function rooms, roof deck bar, outdoor swimming pool and gym both situated at the 2nd floor.

 photo seda-06.jpg
outdoor pool – 2nd Level
Seda Hotel in BGC

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Top 5 Leisure, Amusement and Theme Parks in the Philippines

Enchanted Kingdom
Manila Ocean Park
Ocean Adventure
Zoobic Safari
The Mind Museum

When spending time in the Philippines, local and foreign tourist  never run out of travel ideas and leisure activities/adventures. In fact, I haven’t been in the other regions of the country particularly those that involve rigid traveling. Philippines offers a year long chill and relax atmosphere, from summer all the way to season with bright white christmas lights doesn’t really bother – peak or not peak at all. The 7,100 plus islands has always something amazing to experience.

 photo ZoobicSafariSubicBayZambales-deiville.jpg
Zoobic Safari Subic Bay Zambales [March 2009]

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The Mind Museum in Full Perspective
Summer of April 2013

A Part 1 Photowalk at The Mind Museum (TMM)

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A day to spend with new found friends and to feed a child’s curious mind. Although deiville.com has featured The Mind Museum (TMM) several times including exhibit testing before it opens to the public; this is my actual and complete visit to the Philippines’ most state of the art science gallery. The photos were shot using a mobile camera. Have fun and we hope that parents (and even adults) bring your kids this summer at TMM.

Our group wasn’t able to visit the two outdoor areas of discovery: Science-in-the-Park and the JY Campos Park due to time constraints and perfectly humid weather. I’ll reserved the Part 2 features of the The Mind Museum from the outdoor adventures soon.

Walk starts here…
When purchasing tickets, it is best to make transactions online. Print the required documents and bring it over the concierge for verification.

Summer 2013: The Mind Museum in Full Perspective

A science museum isn’t complete without the bossy and bony T-Rex

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New Capitol Estates I in Quezon City
Sidewalk Vendors Allowed by City government


Since the construction of the expanded foot bridge in front of McDonald’s Commonwealth, the supposed annual “baratillo” vendors were transferred a few meters from its original location. The whole 4th quarter of 2012, the sidewalks and front areas of New Capitol Estates 1 were fully consumed by “tiangge” vendors. These stalls are apparently organized by Quezon City government headed by Mayor Herbert Bautista. Not to mention tarpaulins from what netizens referred as “epal” politicians were frequently adores this sidewalk. 🙂

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Stamp Archives and Updates About Philately
Postal Museum and Philatelic Library
Footages from Postal Heritage Walking Tour August 2012

Museums are often times regarded as well-guarded and safe-keepers of valuable entities, but Postal Museum and Philatelic Library sounds nostalgic, interesting and surprisingly the building is about to diminish from its existence.

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Soon to rise a 6-Star Hotel from the Philippines’ Heritage Buildings
Manila Central Post Office (PHLPost)
Footages from Postal Heritage Walking Tour August 2012

The Manila Central Post Office commonly called PHLPost (Philippine postal system) has a remarkable 250 years history. It was first established in Manila during 1767. Later in 1779, Spain managed the postal office serving the entire Philippine archipelago. “Manila became known as a leading center of postal services within Asia.” Postal services during the Emilio Aguinaldo regime have long served the Filipinos.

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