Resorts World Manila

What’s inside?

Every time I received invites from media and marketing groups, one thing I put into consideration was the location. Child-friendly invites I usually decline when I need to travel from North to South. Imagine the travel time, the energy you have to put in when you’re having a child on board – it gest too exhausting. Not my type of game, I rather go out on our own comfort zones.
Newport City: Resorts World Manila

It’s been a month from now since I’ve been dilly-dallying whether to bring our little one to The Sound of Music theater play at Newport Performing Arts Theater, she finally did it!

What’s inside Resorts World Manila?

We’ve been trying out a few times their casino, it’s described as one of the high-tech casino venue close to Las Vegas settings. Indeed, the place was amazingly huge and filled with glittery machine blitz. On board, RWM has cinemas, shops and congruent hotels: Marriott, Maxim’s and Remington.

Miss Philippine Earth 2012
The Underdog
a beagle dead tired sniffing guests  and promoting
The Sound of Music 🙂

Resorts World Manila
Newport Boulevard, Newport City
Pasay 1309, Metro Manila, Philippines

How to get there?


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Hotel Vida

Widus Resort and Casino


The difference when the light turns on and state of dark started to rise, Widus has full parking at night — casino are more livelier I guess.  Few photos to share.

Widus Resort and Casino

Swimming is allowed until 9:00 p.m. Casino operates 24/7.  At night explore  Clark for its finest food trips and joints.




Casino Widus


Widus Resort and Casino

Hotel Vida

Clark Pampanga

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It’s our third time to check-in at Korean  owned resort  since its opening in 2008, the first was in 2009 and 2010. Rooms and amenities appears the same, although the ceiling has watermarks made by weather disturbances I guess (that is seen from the top 5th level), Junior Suite cost PhP 4,888 net inclusive of breakfast for two at Salt Restaurant. We were lucky to have a poolside view this time (since it’s always taken from the past stay) and we waited an hour and a minute before the last group check-out and we were able to secure the room from 4th Level where we stayed awhile to 5th Level. We stayed 3D/2N without the hassle of over crowded guests and as usual 50% of the hotel’s guest are Koreans. Even at Widus Casino, Korean players are mostly welcome. By the way this resort is staffed with mixed nationalities: Filipinos and Koreans. The Widus Casino is extremely addicting, we managed to get back the first 3K we inserted and hooked a winnings of PhP1,500 on a thirty-minute slot machine plays. 🙂  My companion held her luck with more winnings of Php 4,500 the following day.
Widus Hotel Vida
Widus Casino
The changes were— they now re-brand Hotel Vida as Widus Hotel Vida, making way for Widus Convention Center (WCC) soon. The slightest notice I want to share from my prying eyes and me being OC-type  (obsessive-compulsive) was the toiletries – towels, they haven’t change don’t they, I actually made a comment on their guest box to replace it with newer batch, the white towelettes specially looks grayish somehow. But the suite is still relaxing and comfortable.
Hotel Vida

Nothing spectacular new at the pool area, except for the construction in completion for the new shower areas beside the kid’s pool. Water slides that time in under re-painting. But the sunken bar is now in operation making way for the summer quench. What I love about Hotel Vida‘s pool area, is like we owned the big pool for a couple of hours, it’s our alone to frenzy with.

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Hotel Vida [October 2010] @ Clark, Pampanga

Widus Resort Casino
5414 M.A. Roxas Highway
Clark Freeport Zone

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Widus Resort and Casino

Hotel Vida

Clark Pampanga

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This was the 2nd time to stay in Hotel Vida Clark, Pampanga. Drei a year older was able to enjoy swimming. Using her arm floater she nows navigates by herself. Floats and soak her head under the water. The thing about Hotel Vida, they are not so crowded. Most of the guest are usually foreigners – specifically Korean, mainly because its operated by Korean management. Hotel concierge is a mix between Filipinos and Korean manning the front desk. Within the resort lies the the Casino Widus and soon to open for the public the Widus Convention Center.

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Sofitel-Philippine Plaza Manila
The Luxe Life of an Average Guest

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This staycation was in April 2010.

Hotel-hopping to Sofitel’s suite [Superior Room] assigned to us was so cool and spacious. It goes with a balcony overlooking the bay, Cultural Center of the Philippines [CCP], Mall of Asia [MOA] and Manila Ocean Park.

Travel Philippines: Sofitel-Philippine Plaza Manila
the messed up bed
Travel Philippines: Sofitel-Philippine Plaza Manila