The way you behave about money today and tomorrow determines how you’re going to live for the next 50 years.” From The Habit of Wealth by Mark Tier

Last July 29 I attended an interactive workshop for the improvement of self-wealth to attain our life’s perspectives when we reached our retirement age. The Habit of Wealth workshop is presented by Australian author Mark Tier (The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffet and George Soros) and teacher Raquel Narca. The 3-hour workshop gathered young professionals, moms/dads and kids aged mostly 10 years old. Tier’s concept of the habit of wealth is to cultivate one’s attitude in managing money, having a discipline the way we spend according to our present lifestyle, saving money for retirement and most of all enjoying life without having to worry what’s left in our wallets.

the habit of wealth by mark tier

Money is life (…the truth about money)
Money is just a tool; some people think money is evil but the love of money is evil. Continue reading

The Habit of Wealth – The Mental Attitude That Will Make and Keep You Rich and Turn your Life Around by Learnium Events

The Habit of Wealth
July 29, 2017, Saturday from 9:00a.m.– 12:00 noon
Palm Village Conference Center
125 Zodiac Street, Makati City 1211

The Habit of Wealth is an interactive financial literacy workshop dubbed as “Master of Money” to prepare your financial status into a meaningful one, to have an in-depth grip on how to handle money matters towards wealth success. Embrace the “Road to Riches” fundamentals with Mark Tier, an Australian author based in Hong Kong, is NLP Master Practitioner, and the author of The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffet and George Soros.

the habit of wealth by learnium events

Change Your Mind: Change Your Life
What separates the rich from the poor and the middle class is not money in the bank but a mental attitude: The Habit of Wealth…. most people have the mental attitudes of the poor or middle class—and the associated beliefs and emotional reactions about money that keep them in a permanent state of financial insecurity.Continue reading

Tips to Maximize your Pera Swipe App and Redemption of Reward Points

Constant swiping left and right with Pera Swipe app from your smart phone will rack up reward points that is if you do your work diligently. Depending on how often you do/use it, typically you will be accumulating points until you decide when to redeem those Pera Swipe points with either prepaid load or Sodexo mobile gift certificate. For those who do not have Pera Swipe ID, check our step by step guide with “Entrepreneurship: PERA SWIPE App Introduces Swipe to Earn Rewards.”

DEIVILLE’s Pera Swipe App dashboard

Cashing in or redemption is practically simple:

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Make money online with Pera Swipe app, download the free app and start earning rewards

How To Save
Make Money Online
Financial Planning
Social Media Philippines

There’s a new app perfect for your tech-savvy personality, bet you would love to earn moolah on your idle time. Apart from tinkering your facebook/instagram profile over and over, add this list to your daily routines, Pera Swipe rewards is a matter of swipe left and right, up and down to start making money online. Typically, it’s for Android user for now.

Download and install Pera Swipe on Google Play Store, create your Pera Swipe ID.
Use my referral ID: “DEIVILLE” upon signing up to earn 500 points instantly.

Swipe Right (R) to unlock
Swipe Left (T) to interact
Swipe to earn when +(number) appears
Swipe Up and Down for more content


What is Pera Swipe?
Pera Swipe reward app is created by Mobino Inc. designed to generate added value to content and promotions. App users are rewarded with point system, earned points can be redeemed for Sodexo mobile pass, prepaid mobile load, and perks. For postpaid subscribers, rewards are redeemable by Sodexo mobile pass or the load points can be sent as gifts. Users can redeem or convert load through Globe and Smart networks.

pera swipe app
Pera Swipe App

Pera Swipe offers promotions, interesting news item and entertaining stories. User’s lock screen will display series of short features offering different points to unlock. Swiping right allows the user to unlock your phone. Swiping left access special promotions through websites and social media pages.

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AlfaCashier Bitcoin Exchange

Product Review
Alternative Coins
Digital Wallet
Online Wallet

Bitcoins are virtual currency that works from peer-to-peer, a relatively new concept in electronic payment but has started to gain popularity among online business traders. Often labeled bitcoin as a cryptocurrency or digital currency mostly used in online trading instead of actual monetary funds.

Bitcoins can be acquire in exchange for fiat money, products, and services. Consumer can send and receive bitcoins electronically using e-wallet (stores the digital credentials for your bitcoin holdings) software on a mobile device, personal computer or web application. In order to spend/exchange your bitcoins a service group like AlfaCashier offers buy and sell Bitcoins fast and easy.

More about AlfaCashier
AlfaCashier was launched in 2012. The company offers exchange rates on the exchange of Bitcoins and other e-currencies, and exceptional standards of service and support. As of 2014, AlfaCashier uses SEPA/SWIFT transfers to work with banks worldwide. The company’s mission is to provide a fast and convenient currency exchange platform, and to make funds available in every country of the world.

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I Wish They Taught Money in High School So I’m Not Dependent on My Paycheck by Clarissa Seriña-De La Paz
I Wish They Taught Money in High School So I Can Start My Own Business Right Away by Sharon W. Que

Book Review
Financial Literacy

Lifestyle Upgrade

I Wish They Taught Money in High School is a two-part book authored respectively by: Clarissa Seriña-De La Paz, Sharon W. Que and edited by Ms. Katherine Tiuseco. The book serves to influence the younger generation (and also struggling adult Filipinos) make-shift alternatives thru investing and saving money. The content is easy to digest and direct to the point, although motivational piece like this will always depend on the reader’s drive to execute, attack and attain financial freedom based on his course of actions.

 photo lifestyle-upgrade-book-review-deiville-02.jpg
I Wish They Taught Money in High School So I’m Not Dependent on My Paycheck by Clarissa Seriña-De La Paz

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How to Start a Business Through Franchising
Mompreneurship Series


Deiville would like to thank Super Cuts for another collaboration efforts with us on how to empower women (in particular) in the field of Mompreneurship/Entrepreneurship by creating a business through franchising. The topic does not generalizes by gender, men can also learn from this discussion.

Personally, I’m yearning to make a living sort of a substantial amount by maintaining  websites and from online jobs I applied. I left an 8-5 job to be able to maximize time with the family and make a living by starting up a home-based small-time business. But,  the family I have are open to opportunities like franchising, in the same way we are all open to an accessibility where and how to make an extra money. It’s been a plan that has been popping up every time our dinner topics shoot with “what if I file an early retirement”, the next mind-mind boggling question is “what type of business would we excel?” “What’s our passion, interest and hobby – all rolled into one,” “How about franchising as a sideline?”

 photo business-ideas-franchising-entrepreneurship-deiville-02.png
Entrepreneurship: Business Ideas with Franchising

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No Nonsense Personal Finance Conference with Randell Tiongson, Dennis Sy and Carl Dy
with Driven Syndic8 Blogger’s Corner

Financial Planning
Personal Finance
Manila Activities
Social Media Philippines
Blogging Community

I have yet to read Randell Tiongson’s book “No Nonsense”, Deiville got a copy from this event on his announcement on stage with the best tweets using hashtag #NoNonsense. Here’s my winning entry! 🙂
(image to be uploaded, network is erratic!)

Our Driven Syndic8 Blogger’s booth started early, with a rafflecopter giveaways and at the final hour, we’ve announce on stage winners of Gift Certificates and tokens sponsored by Deiville, Special Education Philippines, Doll Hana, School Talk and WHiteboard Learning.

There’s also prizes beneath the seats scattered around the area, five special prizes were at stake.

All winner’s photo can be viewed at Deiville Facebook Page.

Blogger’s Booth opens from 12PM – 6:30PM

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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