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They say you cannot visit all the hot spots in Hong Kong in one visit, the key here is to prioritize the destination that motivates you from food hunting, shopping and strolling. It involves a lot of WALKING! So brace yourself and wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  What’s nice about there – people are fast-paced, the escalators are fast and the transportation from city bus to MTR are super fast and efficient. The food hubs at night are excitingly busy,  the shopping districts are open until midnight. Arm yourself with the moolah and you’re ready to hit the HK culture!

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Make your own traditional Filipino Costume
DIY Igorot Costume for Buwan Ng Wika Celebration

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Young girls are fun to dress-up and play with different characters, but with Ifugao costume for Buwan ng Wika school events I am more excited for parents to dress up their little boys with this traditional Filipino costume, the Igorot costume. Why? Most young boys frequently look safe with their minimalist outfit made of red cotton pants, white shirt (camiso de chino), red scarf and salakot; and of course with barong tagalog. Igorot costume is easy to assemble if your on a budget, plus you will achieve a look unique for your child.

Palabigkasan mula sa Aklat ng Mateo #BuwanNgWika ni #GoDrei #theseedmontessorischool #TSMS #elocution

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DIY Igorot Costume

The basic materials needed are:

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