CARTIMAR Pet Shop Updates on 2012

Cartimar Pet Shop
A Place for the Rich Animal Lovers or
Simple Animal Breeders?

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The first thing I observed when I went in Cartimar pet shop during the very first time, yes it was a haven for animal breeders and lovers and is also a place to cater to higher society. Why? Because most breeders and pet lovers are the ones who spend big amount to sustain the hobby.

During the 80’s Cartimar was known for its shopping center, but now the shopping center was almost covered with pet shops all over the corners. Plus recently, SM Savemore located at the old vacant lot occupies the center area in between the pet shop and the shopping complex.

The Cartimar shopping center now caters to consumer markets that sells authentic and knockoff goods such as shoes, shirts, clothing, accessories like cap, bags, etc.and specialty shops. The merchants allows buyer to purchase by the bulk for reselling.

While the Cartimar pet shops have different entry point and are subdivided into groups:
Pet shops and supplies – birds, dogs, rabbits, fishes and and other exotic animals like shark, martinez.
Bird pet shop
Dog pet shops
Plants and orchids center
Bicycle stores
Kitchen Supplies
Food court and
Other Specialty Stores

We are just a simple animal breeder and we often dropped by Cartimar pet shop twice a month for our aviary supplies, dog accessories and needs. But for thrift shoppers, you can make price comparisons and quality against those that sells the same goods from malls and other stand alone shops. Sometimes the cost are just the same, the good thing about Cartimar pet shop, rare items and supplies can only be bought from this place. The travel is worth it, pet animals that are for sale are negotiable and if you’re lucky to witness some endangered animals are sold in the side streets at a very affordable price, these animals required permit but in Cartimar trading you only need to haggle and extra courage to get the deal done. And please I have to emphasize on this topic as I have allergic rhinitis to fight off every time I visit the area. I noticed on weekends some families bring the whole clan to spend bonding time and shopping at the same time, please refrain to bring toddlers in the area, the birds alone and other fury animals are not that sanitized and we are not sure if they are loaded with vitamins. The fumes, smell alone can cause and transmit allergies and could trigger the immune systems.

As for my next project, I am eager to set up our fish tank 🙂 The last time I visited the Aqualand I checked out the fish species I would love to have on my handsome aquarium aside from the pricey arowana, we saw lots of baby sharks (the types that are not endangered) placed in long tiled aquarium in salt water. But what scared me most, is to have piranha on our tanks. Until next time, I’ll post a picture of me with my lovely piranha! And yes Cartimar is a haven for simple average people like us.

Cartimar Shopping Complex
Cartimar Pet Shop

Pasay City

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