Binondo, Manila all set to celebrate Feb. 2 2011 Chinese New Year

Chinese New year Celebrations

Festive celebration to welcome the Year of the Metal Rabbit on Chinese New Year will be held at the Quirino Grandstand in Rizal Park on Wednesday, February 2.

Filipinos and Chinoys at Binondo are gearing up to celebrate the incoming 

Chinese New Year. Binondo Chinese community will 
lead the countdown to the New Year on February 2 to herald the coming of 2011.
This marks the first time that the City of Manila, the Embassy of the People’s 
Republic of China to the Philippines, and the 
Department of Tourism-National Park Development Committee are joining hands 
with Chinoy organizations to celebrate the occasion.

The celebration will commence with a grand parade at 4:30 p.m. which will start from Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz (Binondo Plaza) to Quirino Grandstand.

A countdown to the Year of the Metal Rabbit will be held, which will be followed by a fireworks display at 12 a.m.Students of Chinese Filipino schools and Manila public schools will perform with ABS-CBN talents at a cultural program which starts at 6 p.m.

Chinoy organizations such as the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries Inc., Chinese Filipino Business Club Inc., Federation of Filipino Chinese Alumni Associations Inc., and the Association of Chinese Filipino Schools in the Philippines are co-organizing the event.

Filipinos and Chinese have had close cultural, social and economic ties for centuries.

The Chinese influence has long made a mark in Philippine culture, and many Filipinos have embraced Chinese traditions, among them observing feng shui guidelines, wearing red and participating in lion dances during festivities, and enjoying tikoy, a sticky rice cake. 

Manila’s Chinatown are embraced with old-beliefs tradition, vivid and color-rich decoration are now put in its place to welcome luck to enter everyone’s threshold. Prosperity lanterns, ampao-red money envelopes, lucky charms, kiat-kiats and pineapple fruits, garlic, peanuts and ginger are abundant in every corner. 
If you have time, try to mingle with Binondo and share some good vibes. 🙂
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